Huawei P30 Pro Just Destroys Pixel 3's Night Sight!

The Huawei P30 Pro has just launched in India and it brings some amazing camera features, including 50X SuperZoom, and a new SuperSpectrum sensor that captures great low light photos. Well, how does it fare against the mightly Pixel 3 and its Night Sight technology?

We find out as we put Huawei P30 Pro vs Pixel 3 in the ultimate night mode camera test.

Huawei P30 Pro, P30 Lite Officially Launched in India; Priced Starting at ₹19,990:

Huawei P30 Pro’s 50X SuperZoom in Action!:

Everything You Need to Know About Huawei P30 Pro’s Quad Cameras:

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43 Replies to “Huawei P30 Pro Just Destroys Pixel 3's Night Sight!”


    whatsoever edgy features P30 is having..resale value of Huawei is very poor and so investing 71,990 in Huawei is not a gud idea.
    before buy a fone thinks of its resale value too

  2. anoop a

    If you don't want to fake the pictures and want to shoot the real beauty of night, is there any mode in it which will enable us to do so. I heard that even auto mode is so bright.

  3. Joseph World

    I love how Huawei always brings some awesome stuff regarding camera, but that's it, the phone itself not worth it when compared to others. Apple even tho it's overpriced has best software and best CPU/GPU. Samsung has the best screens, reliability, super incredible in ear-phones in the box… Huawei has great main camera and just this quality/advantage over competitors

  4. Tonton Gaming 07

    we must not forget that the pixel 3 has only one photo sensor while the p30 has 4 I find that the result of the photo made with the pixel 3 is crazy with a single photo sensor

  5. Peizxcv

    I don’t have a P30 Pro to comment on but I can confirm Pixel 3 XL have focusing issue. Even in good light it sometimes miss and misses a lot more in low light. Note 9 and Note 9 with GCam performs much better than Pixel 3

  6. The Animetiel

    People saying oh my phone this and that is better then your shitty phone are fucking virgins, y'all should start worrying about your own shit, stay in your lane no one gives a shit what phone you have. A phone is used for someone's necessity and needs.

  7. JZ VR

    P30 Pro is such a beast Huawei's killing it. Best cameras, performance, battery life, charging speed, signal and extra features on the market P30 Pro is hands down the best phone out now.

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