Huawei P30 Pro Review!

The P30 Pro from Huawei really looks to up the Smartphone Camera with 5X optical zoom, 50x digital zoom, and one of the best low-light cameras you can have in your pocket! Here are my thoughts on the latest flagship from Huawei! Subscribe for more:

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35 Replies to “Huawei P30 Pro Review!”

  1. José Henrique

    Huawei flagships are not worth it… Notch (all of them are weird ugly), curved screen (no need for that, it's not really a plus, accidental touches, no real functionality, light bleeding through the edges), no headphone Jack, bad camera color science, screen is only 1080p (put a 2k and give us the option to down the resolution at any time, not being able to see YouTube 2k videos, gallery, streaming and gaming at higher resolution sucks for the high price), competition have better selfie can (huawei it's not like Samsung x Apple that both have great selfie cam), pictures usually are blown out with weird color gamut, expensive/overpriced.

  2. Jamil Aboudaher

    I was thinking that if I had a P30 Pro, I'll just use the zoom to capture the moon. And I was impressed by this feature, until I knew that Huawei is faking the picture using software… So this is a gimmick for me now.
    Combine this with a bad user experience, the lack of headphone jack, only single firing speaker in a 2019 flagship, and a very agressive photo processing so all daylight shots look yellowish and human faces don't look natural at all, and the HDR isn't very good.
    I know that the P30 Pro has an amazing night mode and an impressive battery life with super fast charging, but all those sacrifices for a 2019 smartphone make the P30 Pro too far from a perfect phone… It's just good for people who only use their smartphones for taking pictures (not videos, of course) all the time without running low on battery…
    I'm not being biased, but you get so much more on the S10+ for the exact same price.

  3. hienho15

    Nah. I rather the simplistic get to the point approach. No music , no graphics like early on. But will say the other intro is tolerable.

  4. P//MBECH

    Cool intro and nice music. I think the voice over quality can be more crisp, because you can hear your room reverb / delay. So maybe soundproof the studio a bit.

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