Huawei P30 Pro Review

Our Huawei P30 Pro full review takes a close look at this most premium of Huawei’s latest flagship smartphones, to see how it compares with rivals such as Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Plus and the Pixel 3 XL. Following the excellent Mate 20 Pro, is the P30 Pro another essential mobile thanks to its updated camera tech and excellent EMUI 9 software?

Like pretty much every other phone launched in 2019, the Huawei P30 Pro is an absolute beast – personally we prefer the feel of the more compact P30, but this Pro model (I reviewed the Breathing Crystal version) boasts that 5x optical zoom, a larger battery, wireless charging support and a few other upgrades.

I’ve been testing out the P30 Pro for a while now and I would happily use it as my full-time handset, if I didn’t have to review loads of other devices in the meantime. Huawei has definitely crafted one of the very best camera phones of 2019, and the rest of the phone is very enjoyable too, helped along by the excellent EMUI 9.1 overlay.

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  1. Mike Braniff

    For a long time I have had an irrational loathing of Huawei products but I admit that the P30 and P30 Pro are changing that view. I would consider buying one if my OnePlus 6 met an untimely demise.

  2. Dafydd R

    Ere our Chris, How the hell do I turn off that google button off on the side button… It's really screwing with my head and turning me all muscular n green..Smash things come to mind! Update : ah, I typed in the settings search "Google Assistant" and hey presto, there is that damn button!

  3. Ricardo Oliveira

    I have the Samsung S9 plus but I want so much the Huawei P30 Pro any comments if the the P30 Pro deserve an opportunity to be buy for me and better than the S9 Plus this is my dilemma for several weeks.

  4. Hugh Sharkey

    I was going to get S10 as always used Galaxy's but think I will wait for the Mate 30 later this year. My S8 isn't that bad to force me to swap immediately.

  5. Alex1989m

    Adore my P30 Pro, battery, camera, screen…all immense. Big photography fan and it just ticks a huge number of boxes. Huawei have been doing it right since the P20 Pro.

  6. Mark Personson

    I Love You video I have just bought the honor 8x it is amazing, since I watched your tips on this phone, still trying to work the camera out but he is bloody I'll be watching a few more ticks on the camera on this phone Mark

  7. Raju Kushwaha

    I m from India and Samsung cheat Indian people bcoz he sale s10 plus exyons prosser not snapdragon and I buy p30 pro bcoz of Samsung exyons.
    kirin 980 very very good then exynos and I love my p30 pro so much birthing cirstal

  8. Michael Dietsche

    Just too expensive, esp if video is jank. If you only need a great still photo shooter buy a used Pixel 2 for 200 bucks and carry on (pixel 2 still runs fast and is getting updates).

  9. Den

    I just took delivery of the 512GB Amber Sunrise model yesterday. I'm loving it. Battery life is so much better than the Galaxy S8 it replaced. EMUI is not that bad, and I've been using Samsung One UI. I prefer the swipe navigation on EMUI and the face unlock is blazing fast. The fingerprint reader is also very good as well, I can rotate my finger 180 degrees and it still unlocks.

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