Huawei P30 Pro Review and a Crock Pot Dessert

Apple Crumble and reviewing the P30 Pro’s vlogging capabilities.
(Review starts at 4:19 if that’s what you came to see)


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31 Replies to “Huawei P30 Pro Review and a Crock Pot Dessert”

  1. Gordon Scott
  2. Linda Massey

    I like your video's.I am watching all of them.they all are exciting to me.whether you hike bike or cook or just sit there and talk.watching you from Dubuque Iowa.don't worry about your video's there Great .Keep Doing what you doing.

  3. ortegaUSMC

    im sorry but R.E 4 was garbage. re2 and its remake are the best ever.
    its suspense, puzzles, and strategy of the limited weapon availability was gut wrenching.

  4. Laura Anderson

    I saw Forest's crock pot at at Value Village today. I was so excited! Almost bought it in hopes my meals will magically become as good as his! Love the channel. I've only been a subscriber for a week but I'm hooked.

  5. Dean Nilvalli

    I love this hearty review: "if you need a new phone and you can find a good price on a used one… it might be worth it." Higher praise is hard to come by. The enthusiasm is through the roof! I bet Huawei had to pay you loads for that.

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