Huawei P30 Pro Review – Falling For The Hyperbole

The P30 Pro sure is getting a lot of hype. Full Huawei P30 Pro review including camera samples, screen dimming issue and desktop mode tested. *Update: A new firmware on the way that will fix EIS in 5x mode. Support me on Patreon:

02:10 – Build & Design
03:29 – Finger & face unlocking
04:35 – The 1080p OLED screen
06:16 – ROM & benchmarks
11:30 – Screen dimming
12:42 – Audio & Test Vs S9+
14:23 – Desktop mode
15:46 – Gaming & thermals
17:59 – Camera App
19:31 – Camera video samples
23:29 – Camera still samples
25:21 – Final words
28:17 – Pros & Cons

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44 Replies to “Huawei P30 Pro Review – Falling For The Hyperbole”


    Update: According to reports the new firmware is coming that fixes the 5x EIS. So that's one con off the list! 🙂 So it seems the retail units in Europe at least have firmware on release with no EIS on the 5x camera. But the review units given out in Paris and later to others have a new firmware with EIS working!

  2. Tech Hobby Gear

    I love my Mate 20 Pro very much, battery, IR blaster, under screen finger print and etc, but without 4K video at 60fps and low bitrate on video, these become less prefect for Mate 20 Pro, sadly P30 use the same CPU too. Just wish Mate 30 Pro will use some other CPU with 4K 60fps with high bitrate.

  3. Stratos Agiani

    Hey Chris. I have the Note 5 and I am quite happy with the camera for the price. I want though to upgrade so I would like to ask: Mi 8 or Mi 9? I mostly use them for photography, social media videos, mobile video editing for on the spot sharing ( due to my work ) etc. I already know that I will miss the ultra wide option for the Mi 9 but I can probably live with out it for a while. Also autofocus is important for me. Let me know your suggestion. Cheers from Greece!


    I've got the mate 20 and there is that annoying screen dimming. I dont understand why huawei do this. Ive also noticed huawei phones cant handle playing 4k hdr videos on chromes html player it just buffers all the time. Its really annoying!

  5. V. Sergiu Erdei

    I am new to your channel, so I cand honestly say that after years and years of watching reviews, I realised that most of them are just editing and beautiful effects but not such a good content as yours!
    I am impressed, indeed!
    Good luck!

  6. POW 1

    Such a honest Review… You the first YouTuber I saw with honest view… You just got a new Subscriber. Am getting my P30 Pro soon. Upgrading from mate 20 Pro

  7. Dennis Olof

    Excellent review of photos and video functions. I will stay with the LG brand as they are so good for video and decent for photos. Also the 3.5 jack and FM radio is a bonus. It is so horrible that so many smartphones do not give you OIS or even EIS as a function for 1080p video even if the megapixel count of the sensors are low. I do not understand that, the most important part of video and photos is that stabilization so you get the right focus and a sharp picture. What it the point otherwise to even have a camera on a smartphone ?

  8. knoellchekoenig

    I gave your video a thumbs down. If you have a problem with this being only 5 x optical magnification, you should mention the same with the S10 and iPhone, who also advertise a zoom but have only digital zooming from one focal length to the "zoomed in" one. It's unclear to me why your reviewing is not consistent in that regard

  9. Ecchi Daikirai

    Somehow the app decided to waste perfectly good screen when gaming. Right side no notch, turn the pixels off. Left side yes notch, move the game into the notch.

  10. Idris Hussain

    I have the S9+, was thinking of selling it off for around £300 and buying this one for £750. Only one thing is holding me back is the speaker sound, can you shed any light on it when compared to S9 PLUS, please!

  11. jetfightercn JTCN

    I can see from your eyes, you are a Xiaomi fan. ;-). Thanks. I will still go for P30 Pro. I admit I will buy it for the camera. it does not have to be perfect as DSLR. it can do everything good especially zoom (or optical magnification), the result is the same, that is what I need. I do not want to carry DSLR on daily basis…

  12. Djordje Vukicevic

    Its great phone no doubt just like s10+. But lets face it Mi 9 offers 95% of what those 2 offer for half the price! Plus it offers, in my opinion ofc, much better software expirience with MIUI 10 than Huawei and Samsung, so no brainer for me. Sadly we so not have mix 3 with sd 855, not at the moment at least. That 5G variant with sd 855 and 3800mah battery for 600e is easily best phone for me, overall best phone atm. Sadly we cant buy it 🙂 Lets hope 3s will get samw stuff.

  13. waqarz

    Though you raised some valid issues: not top sound quality as there is no stereo speaker, you lost credibility by seeming hard-pressed to report issues without providing any good justification:
    0:20 top 3-5 camera? You could not establish which ones its inferior to?
    5:55 People like you ask for more resolution: its already ~400 ppi (398), anything >300 ppi was dubbed as retina, or simply its difficult for a normal viewer to distinguish beyond that at the normal viewing distance.
    6:15 You said it registers touch on the right of the screen with your fingers folded but you could not show it.
    11:25 Screen dimming: as you put it yourself: people can hardly even notice it, so whats the issue?
    18:45 You say its only digital at 3x, while precise testing by DXOMark has shown it is "hybrid", which is inferior to optical but still better than digital-only.
    20:00 did you just go to 10x instead of 5x? Agreed, there is way too bad shake there, this is not the case from other testers.
    21:14 frame drops are not always because of encoding performance, but also to adjust quality.
    23:00 low light video: compared to your random subjective test, reviewers DXOmark and the likes have done precise numerical testing on low light photography and video, it beats everything else out there with a wide margin.
    26:10 Low light even inferior than Pixel 3 Night sight: you didn't provide any comparison. There are already plenty of comparisons on YouTube available that show its superior than Pixel 3's Night Sight. To me your review lost all credibility due to this point.

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