Huawei P30 Pro Review: More Camera than Smartphone

Huawei P30 Pro Camera Samples:

All this while, Huawei’s P series has always been about taking mobile photography up a notch, the P30 Pro proves that mobile photography can get fun and interesting again with its staggering 50x zoom capability. Find out what we think about the the P30 Pro’s camera in this video.

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14 Replies to “Huawei P30 Pro Review: More Camera than Smartphone”

  1. Mathieu Yelle

    1) Night mode: P30 Pro kills Pixel 3 XL. No judges needed. Ok colour is often slightly better on Pixle, but P30 Pro is much much detailed which is what really matters.
    2) With ISO 400,000+ yes you can shoot galaxy. Some reviewers have confirmed this ability. Don't assume it's not possible, bad review.
    3) water drop notch is best option in 2019. Pop up cameras are still unproven, and S10+ hole punch is too low resulting in massive status bar leading to loss of screen real estate

  2. Mark Reymon Diez

    whats wrong with the tiny notch? at least we get to use the remaining screen space in full. i could not say the same for the s10 series, since the space above and the right of the punchole is basically a wasted space on that rather beautiful display. no hate. this is only an opinion.

  3. Black Parade

    "and let's talk about the camera entirely"

    Bad review, dislike. 99% of the videos are already talking about the camera. It's all you hear. Just review the damn phone. Is the P30 Pro even able to call? Because I don't know after watching this video smh

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