Huawei P30 Pro Review: Telephoto Telephone

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The Huawei P30 Pro just stole the crown of world’s most versatile camera. See how the rest of the smartphone stacks up in the MrMobile Huawei P30 Pro review!



MrMobile’s Huawei P30 Pro Review was produced following eleven days with a Huawei P30 Pro review device on loan from Huawei. It was tested on Google Fi in Paris, France; Boston, MA, USA; and New York City, NY. The device received one software update during the review period.

DISCLOSURE: Huawei provided travel and lodging for the Paris segment of the P30 Pro launch to some members of the media, including MrMobile. No additional compensation was sought or furnished.


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37 Replies to “Huawei P30 Pro Review: Telephoto Telephone”

  1. Sanction Extremis

    You know, I watched reviews from everywhere and everyone on how this camera was just the best thing since Jesus. Upon using it though, it was incredibly disappointing. All these reviewers talking about night picture capability, making it seem incredible. Yet, it's only incredible if you have a TRIPOD. If you are holding your phone with any movement, your night pics are completely unviewable. You want to zoom up super close? Better have a tripod, because any movement is going to ruin that shot. Zoomed recordings? Blurry, saturated, gross.
    Now, if you don't zoom, and use 40 mp, you can zoom in from there and get a decent pic. but to zoom in to take a pic, you no longer get 40mp. So i'm curious, how in the hell are you getting pictures of these watches to look like that, when I can barely take a picture of a tree without blur.

  2. Mike M

    Your microphone voice is much better in this video. Your newer videos for 2020 seems your microphone makes your voice sound weird.
    I like the sound in this video much better.

  3. Luis Ceja

    I’ve always stayed true to Samsung & Apple it all changed last night I ordered my first P30 pro & can’t wait to see how it stacks up!

  4. La Trace

    You should really be doing mobile reviews for Wired or NY Times or something. The amount of care and attention to detail in your videos is incredible to think you're an independent Youtuber.

  5. EZ2ACTux

    Honestly I think EMUI has become significantly less terrible over the past few years. It's starting to move closer to stock android, the app killing is SIGNIFICANTLY less aggressive compared to how it used to be and it's starting to clean up its visual style. Still not amazing but better than it used to be

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