Huawei P30 Pro Review, True Successor To The Mate 20 Pro & the P20 Pro (The Good & The Bad)

today I have for you my review of the Huawei P30 pro. While this phone learned from the mate 20 pro and the P20 pro it did some things that in my opinion are in the wrong direction. I share with you the things I liked and did not like about the P30 line of phones in 2019.

Hope you enjoy the video.

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22 Replies to “Huawei P30 Pro Review, True Successor To The Mate 20 Pro & the P20 Pro (The Good & The Bad)”

  1. Stefan Constantinescu

    S10+ = true succesor of Mate 20 Pro
    P30 Pro has worst display than Mate 20 Pro
    Has no stereospeakers like Mate 20 Pro
    S10+ has a little better display than M20P and louder stereospeakers, and improved wide angle camera
    So S10+ = TRUE SUCCESOR of Mate 20 Pro
    P30 pro is a DOWNGRADE . Except zoom camera
    I waited so so much for P30 Pro. But…what a dissapointment. I switched from Mate 20 Pro to S10+
    I am not a fan of any brand. Last year I choose Mate 20 Pro instead of Note 9 . But now… what a mistake from Huawei…

  2. markatkinson167

    Totally agree, front stereo speakers is a must have for me. Don't remove from the mate 30 Pro otherwise our developing relationship will be in doubt. So, mate 30 Pro needs 4k front video recording, 4k 60fps rear recording, notification led, WQHD screen and a monochrome sensor. Headphone jack, notification led and for me the 3d face recognition would make the best device ever made.

  3. Luis Rivas

    I'm considering a P 30 Pro, instead of a Galaxy S10, TK do you think it's a good move? Considering that in Mexico are at the same price and also give me a Y9 2019 without cost
    I came from a Galaxy S8 by the way And I really enjoy taking pictures and videos

  4. Chemy Torres

    I love this device, but I still miss a lot of standardization of many things, like the option to adapt lens and filters, a scuba housing, stuff like that in the outside at least, but I would love to get one

  5. Zaben AlEid

    Its a shame Huawei didn't give us dual speakers with the P30 pro. I don't mind lack of 60 fps on 4K. The difference is negligible compared to 30 fps. The single speaker is very loud and clear. I still love this phone, but the thousand dollar price is hard to justify. I might sell this in a few months if the Mate 30 pro delivers everything.

  6. MasterPiece 1419

    Love this phone.
    Only downside is still the lack of led notification light.
    I miss that from my old p20 pro.
    Its quite annoying that i have to turn on the screen everytime i wanna check if i have any notifications.

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