Huawei P30 Pro UNBOXING & First REVIEW – Amazing BUT…

Huawei P30 Pro UNBOXING & First REVIEW – Amazing BUT…This video is my Official Huawei P30 Pro unboxing and first look / impressions hands on review! Specs / specifications display, camera, battery are all discussed! Benchmark tests and comparisons, including camera vs Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, iPhone XS Max etc to come very soon! 2 weeks after launch! Buy or don’t buy? Let me know your thoughts?!

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43 Replies to “Huawei P30 Pro UNBOXING & First REVIEW – Amazing BUT…”

  1. ChinesePhoneme

    Price in mainland China (CNY):
    P30Pro – 5499
    Mate20Pro – 5499
    Samsung S10 – 5999
    iPhone Xs – 8199
    Xiaomi Mi9 – 2999
    OnePlus 6t – 2999

    Not bad comparing to the luxury iPhone Xs but still too expensive considering the price tag of Xiaomi and OnePlus.

  2. Mike The Sparky

    I love Huawei I have had the p9 light I currently have the p10 light and I will be getting the p30 in September when I upgrade. In my opinion Huawei are very good phones.

  3. Daliso Phiri

    Great video, the only thing keeping me from Huawei Is the lack of bootloader unlock without having to put out more cash. Does this plague the p30 pro as well?

  4. Myles

    i have an Iphone 8 plus , literally thinking of switching to this phone , just looks so clean physically and camera wise , even the esthetic to it is futuristic , i dunno . Just looking for something to take over the apple devices .

  5. f68photography

    Great review but the people who buy the P line range are mainly interested in Photography (hence the P), so the Mate 20 Pro being cheaper means nothing to those who buy the P line to use the best camera in a smartphone.

  6. Shashi Mali

    I have a p30 pro… I got to say I am a bit underwhelmed with the screen….the screen isn't sharp and the colours look washed out. I have moved from the one plus 3t, and find myself preferring the screen on the 3t over the p30 pro……i feel like I am the only person in the world complaining about it as I can't see anyone else complaining… I dunno if I got a defect model or not

  7. Chun Hui

    the P30 pro just got announced to launch in hong kong for about 838pounds for the bigger storage option and it will include a watch GT for free!!! so hyped!!!

  8. Doug Brown

    I've been a Huawei user for a couple years but I don't understand this move to put such an outdated screen tech with such a fantastic camera. And why the weird memory card type

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