Huawei P30 Pro vs Canon M50 Best For Vlogging? Ditch The Camera?

Can you use a smartphone to vlog 100% of the time and ditch the vlogging camera? Is the Huawei P30 good enough to ditch the Canon M50? 1080p, Apple Pro Res 422

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24 Replies to “Huawei P30 Pro vs Canon M50 Best For Vlogging? Ditch The Camera?”

  1. Cosas de Sani Family Vlogs

    I think Canon shakes More Than Huawei and even if the colours of Canon are much real, indeed Huawei are stunning. Its my opinion. Definetely this video was very helpful and useful to decide and opt for P30. Thank you for your job 😼

  2. Rick Emsley

    are u sure u edited this right as u said cannon was n it as shaky but clearly it was x did u make a mistake or timid u mean it cos if so u defo need ya eyes testing bro lol

  3. Monsun

    I have one and i started vlogging but i would love to have an external monitor so i can use the back camera and i need a mic and a gimbal

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