Huawei P30 Pro vs Mate 20 Pro | Side-by-side comparison

Comparing the new Huawei P30 Pro versus the Mate 20 Pro, still our favourite phone in 2019. We’ve been hands-on with the new flagship handset and it’s even better than the Mate, improving on the specs and camera hardware in a number of ways – while bringing back our favourite features from the previous model.

The P30 Pro has completely overhauled optics for one. You still get an ultra-wide angle and telephoto lens, but Huawei has boosted the optical zoom to 5x thanks to the periscope design. Plus, the new Super Spectrum capture means brighter, more realistic photos and video.

Both the new 2019 flagship and last year’s Mate 20 Pro sport the Kirin 980 chipset and Huawei’s EMUI 9.1 software, as well as 40W Super Charge and full wireless charging support. They also share an OLED display with in-screen fingerprint sensor, furthering the similarities in this comparison. However, the new P30 Pro ditches that earpiece speaker for the new Electro Magnetic Levitation vibration feature.

Are you tempted by the new P30 handset? If you already own the Mate 20 Pro, an upgrade would be rather extravagant – we love both of Huawei’s smartphones. Check out my P30 Pro versus P20 Pro video for more!

49 Replies to “Huawei P30 Pro vs Mate 20 Pro | Side-by-side comparison”

  1. John Nguyen

    The screen on the p30 pro does not look like it's good for your eyes. It reminds me of the old LCD screens that flickered a lot.
    On another note though, Huawei really needs to start adopting the SD card standard again. That is one of the big roadblocks stopping me from adopting their phones. That and the fact that it's not sold by U.S carriers.

  2. Shashi Mali

    I have a p30 pro… I got to say I am a bit underwhelmed with the screen….the screen isn't sharp and the colours look washed out. I have moved from the one plus 3t, and find myself preferring the screen on the 3t over the p30 pro……i feel like I am the only person in the world complaining about it as I can't see anyone else complaining… I dunno if I got a defect model or not

  3. leemason666

    Great video. I had Samsung for years and then converted to iPhone for the 6, 7 and IPhone X but looking at going back to android and this phone here has blown me away.

  4. Dennis Cotto

    Believe it or not I'm still with my Lumia 950xl. I always have the eye on Huawei phones, for some reason I considered them like lumias… I was thinking to by the Mate 20 Pro but now with this new 30s it put me thinking. But I think I'm still going with Mate 20 Pro almost the same and more economic. However Mate 30 Pro have a estimate release date?

  5. misterleoni

    Why is no one comparing the camera between the P30 Pro and Mate 20 Pro? I’ve seen plenty of comparisons between other devices but it comes across as if Huawei has told reviewers not to compare the M20P and P30P for some reason. Maybe they’re too similar?

  6. Adam Armstrong


  7. Glass Man

    Samsungs S10 will be the best phone until the note 10 comes out, than it will repeat once the s11 comes out, I will never buy a Huawei phone ever, They can not be trusted

  8. Kamal Hussain

    Watching in 1440p on my Mate 20 Pro. When you see the screens side by side, you can see screen flickering on the P30 Pro while the Mate 20 Pro screen looks clear.

    Maybe that's because the Mate 20 Pro is QHD+ as opposed to the FHD+ like the P30 Pro ?

  9. Kotryna Purvaneckaitė

    I bought the mate 20 pro a few weeks ago and the p30 came out my brother was like HAHAHAHHASHHA YOUR PHONE IS NOT THE BEST NOW HAHAHHAHA
    im like
    They are litteraly almost the same. And mine is for a better price. So back off. Imma stay with my beast.

  10. Rave KingX

    I really like Huawei Hardware but it's the Software that is keeping me attached to my GS9+ I mean 1UI is just amazing I really hope Huawei Ups their software Game

  11. Jenni Bowden

    im still so undecided. for me, camera is a big selling point, i need one thats going to take the most stable and crisp pictures aswell as good sound playback when watching films on it, which do i get? only about £8 a month more for the p30

  12. Mihai Laurentiu

    I am only jealous because of the amazing camera zoom and about night mode at this P30 Pro.But atm I love the features of Mate 20 Pro,features as Dolby Atmos Stereo Sound,Face Unlock,qHD screen,more pixel density.By far,I hope that Huawei will fix the finger print unlock with an update.

  13. Nandha Visakan

    I just wish a new OS would be released. I love Huawei phones but Android seriously sucks lol. Like the gestures, the interface, the typing, everything is so awful on Andriod. I feel many switch to iOS just cuz they hate Android’s user interface. The icons look ugly, the google search bar on the front is annoying to look at, the font is stupid, it just sucks !

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