Huawei P30 Pro vs OnePlus 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vs Pixel 4 XL! | LEAKS & RUMOURS Comparison!

Huawei P30 Pro vs OnePlus 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vs Pixel 4 XL! Leaks & Rumours Comparison! Unboxing and first look hands review of each will come at launch! Want to know Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10? This video looks at the final leaks / leaked images, renders, specs / specifications etc of the Huawei P30 Pro as well as info on the upcoming, OnePlus 7, Note 10 and Pixel 4! With the official trailer and launch event for each company coming soon, lets discuss! Let me know your thoughts! Full Review of camera, battery, display etc of the devices to come! As well as benchmark and speed test etc!

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47 Replies to “Huawei P30 Pro vs OnePlus 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vs Pixel 4 XL! | LEAKS & RUMOURS Comparison!”

  1. Stefan Constantinescu

    I don't undersand what is One+7 doing in this comparison. There should have been Mate 30 Pro and Lg V50-60 instead.
    One+ is MIDRANGER like Xiaomi Mi9, Pocophone, Honor etc etc
    Just a flagship chipset doesn't transform a midranger into a real flagship. Octavia has 2.0 tsi like Audi A6 but this does'n make it a premium car. Duster has the same 1.3 engine like Mercedes but it ain't any premium brand but a lowcost….


    CAMERA = the main difference between a flagship and midrangers
    DISPLAY = even Apple undersood this and bought great ones from Samsung
    SPEAKERS = tuned by proffesionals like AKG, B&O etc
    IMAGE = this is the world we live in, you like it or not. The others will judge you by car, phone, clothes, accesories etc

  2. Shuajb Xhelali

    If Google goes with design and increase ram management battery fast charger
    It will be great it already has best Android software best camera , if they do a great hardware is great

  3. Juuk

    Pop up camera, im thinking it getting stuck, breaking, dirt get's to it etc looks cool but let's see how it holds up after extensive use

  4. KEN BEE

    That word doesn't make sense anymore
    Once upon we used to wage comment wars using the exact megapixel counts (to the decimal) of flagships
    Ah the good ol' days

  5. A Citizen

    Break … OnePlus not including wireless charging , waterproofing or any rumour of a great camera has made me think I'll be looking elsewhere .

  6. Thunderhawk51

    I just wonder that Pixel 4… How are they going to cram 4 cameras in the same corner and same spot? I just hope they switch the placement of the front cameras to the left side, something Samsung should have done themselves.

    Other than that, I'm waiting for 7T more than regular OnePlus 7.

  7. Matt Sidford

    Oneplus really know how to make their products less appealing. Firstly, don't listen to your users, removed the headphone jack, secondly remove always on display, thirdly add an in-display fingerprint scanner which is slower and less accurate and finally the dodgy prone to breaking pop up selfie camera. Call themselves a progressive company "speed you need", thinking the opposite is true. ?

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