Huawei P30 Pro vs Oppo Find X2 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra | Camera Comparison

It’s the battle of the zoom! Zooming has been a popular feature on smartphones but which device has the best outcome? We will find out on today’s video.

30 Replies to “Huawei P30 Pro vs Oppo Find X2 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra | Camera Comparison”

  1. NATH C

    Huawei is dead! Western countries do not trust them or China due to their poor human right and general consensus! Without Google they have 2% off what the Play store has and no camera can save them no matter how good it is.

  2. L L

    When you compare their zoom, you should compare the 5x optical zoom images too because that will showcase the max optical zoom of the 3 phones (s20 ultra max at 4x). Instead you showed the 50x, which is hardly ever used.

  3. Leandro Pellizzaro

    Watching from my p30 pro, seeing how Huawei is ahead of competitors in camera , since p30 pro is from last year and the current competitor of Oppo and Samsumg would be the p40 pro plus.

  4. djmbex

    Thanks for the video but 9 minutes video for only one photo in each category is not enough to judge each device capabilities especially in their main lens

  5. TankQ

    P30 pro still holds up so well. It's just 1 year ahead. The zoom is more natural where the s20ultra fell apart.

    Portrait and selfie I prefer the Oppo look. The rest P30pro.

  6. Joel Conolly

    My take:
    Samsung has better colours on selfie and standard shots are ok.
    Oppo are processing, some times a bit too much, but keeps detail better.
    Huawei needs to work it's colour and dynamic range.

    Zoom camera's are good on all three but I think unless it's as good as digital camera, it wont be as spectacular.

    Should've included the MI Note 10 Pro too.

    Anyway, waiting to see what phones are out there ready to surpass my expectation.

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