Huawei P30 Pro vs P30 | Side-by-side comparison

Huawei just launched its new P30 Pro and standard P30 smartphones, fresh new flagships for 2019. But what’s the difference between these two mobiles and which is best for you – we’ve been hands-on with the new devices and here’s how they stack up for specs, camera tech, speed, battery performance and beyond.

The P30 Pro is the more premium of these two blowers, although they both sport Huawei’s Kirin 980 chipset and run EMUI 9.1 on top of Android Pie. For one, you get upgraded camera hardware on the Pro model – the Super Spectrum primary lens rocks a wider f/1.6 aperture, you get a 20MP ultra wide angle snapper (compared with the standard P30’s 16MP), and the telephoto zoom has been boosted to 5x over 3x.

On top of that, the P30 Pro serves up a bigger 4200mAh battery compared with the 3650mAh standard model. And only the more premium Huawei smartphone boasts wireless and reverse wireless charging – as well as 40W Super Charge.

For a full run-through of the specs and all of the differences between these mobiles, check out my video. And I’ve also compared the P30 Pro with last year’s P20 and Mate 20 Pro as well.

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  1. Gravecb7 Accord

    I was leaning towards the P30 Pro till I watched a couple videos only to find out it doesn't have a Headphone jack which is really important to me when listening to music in the car or watching videos on YouTube both phones have missing options without a Headphone jack a phone is useless to me and without a High quality camera it's garbage as I take pictures of my car all the time for Instagram

  2. MasteredTheUniverse

    What does the regular P30 top put at when zooming digitally? Is it 30X?

    It's the one thing I want to know before making my purchase. If it has 3x optical and 6x hybrid plus 20 or 30x digital zoom I'll take it!

    Let me know please ☺️

  3. Daniel James

    I like the size and the headphone jack of the standard p30. However I might miss the OIS. Holding out til the indepth camera reviews come out for the non pro. If OIS really affects performance I may look at the S10e. I want a smaller phone, with a good camera, headphone jack and no curved screen! Curved screens are the devil!

  4. Mark Home Studio

    4K + stabilization + fast shoot video = drop frames. Sorry,  P30 PRO is not professional video.  Only 30 fps in 4K – bad. Bitrate in 4K – ????. And a whole lot of false stories are everything in the subject. Iphone XS max bitrate 4K 100 MB / s, Samsung S10 max 42 MB / s. It says everything about the quality of the new P 30 PRO.

  5. pytlar

    don;t understand that idea of Huawei to build 3 different phones. P30 and P30 pro should differ just by the screen size, like Samsung S10 and S10+. I wanted the size od P30, but quality cuts compared to P30 Pro are not acceptable for me. Very bad approach, not everyone, minority in fact, would choose such a huge phone

  6. Branislav SS

    The stupid company did not put OIS on the P30. The main camera, the one that you are going to film and take pic from doesnt have optical image stabilisation. That is insane. The more expensive model the p30 plus has ois but its way to expensive for most so whats the point. If only it had OIS i could ignore the other faults but this is insane, I am not giving 1050euro for a smartphone.

  7. Krishna Julia Ellis

    I was gonna go for s10 but I might go for p30 pro the white one wish they was green one but red is nice too if it's in UK but dunno if pro be too big for me, my boyfriend has p20 mate n I'm always on his so yeah might go for this ? xx

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