Huawei P30 Series

Mark your calendar to #RewriteTheRules on 26.03.2019. Join us LIVE from Paris at 14:00 CET. #HUAWEIP30

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39 Replies to “Huawei P30 Series”

  1. Paul Z

    Got my Huawei P30 3 days ago in Prague and noticed one suspicious behavior on the idle phone, even when I'm quite far, and there are no moving objects near the phone – it would display the fingerprint icon on the black, idle screen. While it is not a big deal, I am wondering if anyone else encountered this? It happens regardless of the phone cover (I have a standard, original huawei silicone car one but I tested it without the cover as well). I have also disabled face recognition and all functions related to it without any effect. The phone is great – it's just this thing that makes me wonder if the screen is not too sensitive, and how to disable that icon

  2. Đinh Phan Dinh

    The truth is that Apple never take the others (from Samsung of Huawei, Xiaomi… products) to make a comparison.
    They always take them as Standard one/Original one.

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