Huawei P30 vs. iPhone XS — From the Android Expert

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Huawei’s got hot new 2019 P30 and P30 Pros on the market, yeah fresh from Paris and overflowing with Eifel Tower selfies and croissant shots, and I’m dying to put them head-to-head, or phone-to-phone rather against Apple’s 2018 iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, but Huawei isn’t sending me any review units any time soon, so what am I going to do?

Why, call in the pros who have the phones again, that’s what. And that means, once again, Daniel Bader, managing editor of Android Central.



Huawei P30 from Android Central:

Huawei P30 from MrMobile:

Huawei P30 from MKBHD:



30 Replies to “Huawei P30 vs. iPhone XS — From the Android Expert”

  1. Ahmad Shoaib

    Huawei has a very good software. If you guys are not good at using the openness of huawei's software then it does not mean that the software is bad. It just means that you guys are clunky. iphone's camera app is good?? Well I think you guys are really smoking weed. iPhone camera app doesn't have much options to play with. If that's what you want then go home and stop doing reviews.
    However, I do agree about camera algorithm of huawei. It is terribly bad. Huawei is using a very capable hardware to produce 20% better results. Although they should produce 100% better results with such a capable hardware.

  2. Simon Rhodes

    You haven't got a clue what you are talking about. The P30 pro is an excellent mobile and there is nothing wrong the the software. Why don't you highlight all of the IOS problems.

  3. Julien Green

    I'm in the US and have the P30 (literally just ordered on Amazon, even got it with Prime) and this video is definitely just wrong about the P30. UI is easy and intuitive, the AI isn't perfect but is correct more often than not. The portrait mode I haven't seen make a mistake ever, but the example that was shown on screen (man in dark cafe attempting to portrait against bright window) is an extremely difficult picture for any phone so that was definitely unfair to shed it in that light.

    The other thing to mention is that the P30 is only 600$ which is much cheaper than even the Iphone XR. Over all a biased video, and just not accurately representing the phone. I recognize I'm going to be biased as well in certain ways being that I own the phone but so much here is just taking advantage of the fact that people don't know much about the P30 but most people are familiar with the Iphone.

  4. mark Williams

    Oh my god , that guy on the phone might as well have apple branded on his fore head, I’ve just come from iPhone to P30 pro , I feel I’ve just jumped 5 years forward , so many tricks and shortcuts , including knuckle gestures which are so useful , apple really are behind now I’m afraid.

  5. Steve Butterfield

    Ive had Iphones then left for a number of Samsung's which I much prefer to the Iphone. This time Ive selected the Huawei P3o Pro simply because of its camera. The phone is also lightening fast and I am very impressed by it. This video is obviously featuring Apple fan boys who cant admit Apple are loosing to other companies because they have stood still !

  6. Ice Emperor

    please rene, this guy is just a total dickhead. never ever interview him again. he is just an impostor and literally has now idea what the fuck is coming out of his mouth. he pretends that iphones are the best, when really they are not, even though they are very good. i really do not get how the minds of apple users work?! They do not sell good products, but they sell good manipulation, which makes users think they have the best. I have literally noticed, that if it ("it" could be anything) comes from apple it is perfect. i am not even kidding, really

  7. ㄗ丹れ刀丹

    thats the problem with Androids, i dont care if you have a 150 mp cam, if it doesn't work according to expectation, it becomes a crappy experience and therefore it becomes useless after a short while. a seamless experience ensures continual use and dependable use…

  8. Am Singh

    It's laughable that Americans still believe the iPhone is great lol
    And to say the IPhone is great even without :
    No wireless reverse charging
    No triple or quad camera setup
    No fast charger in box
    Has a device that's large but carry a tiny battery…
    Who are these guys trying to fool? Maybe the paid guys on this video perhaps?

  9. Gillary Ollen

    The most nonsense video. It says there android expert, but comparing android and ios product? Again, comparing 2018 phone and 2019 latest. Hm, why not with Samsung galaxy s10 plus? Or just wait for the latest iPhone 11 or whatsoever. Clearly racism of ios, hahahaha.

  10. Jijo mathukutty

    lol, we were not using zoom most of times because the creepy image comes out due to digital zoom in the competative phones where Huawei p30 pro shine in this department with 5x optical and 10x hybrid lossless zoom (forget about 50x as it is digital zoom). He is not even said a word about the low light photos where p30 pro kicks out apple off the competition, p30 pro is generations ahead in terms of low light performance.

  11. Thenoncrapulentfool

    The interesting thing to note is that the P30 Pros images are actually less saturated, over contrasted, sharpened the it's predecessor and The Samsung S10+. I have watched dozens of reviews whereby this is the consensus.

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