Huawei P30 vs P30 Pro vs P30 Lite

Dom goes long on the full Huawei P30 range, breaking down exactly what’s different between the P30, the P30 Pro, and the P30 Lite. We cover specs, design, price, camera, and more to help you figure out which P30 model is the right one for you.

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49 Replies to “Huawei P30 vs P30 Pro vs P30 Lite”

  1. Abio Genesis

    does anyone know the answer to the question that why P30 lite has a cat6 modem despite the fact that it has a kirin 710 which supports up to cat 12 I think

    I searched almost anywhere without any answer

    thanks in advance

  2. Drive4fun

    Best review in aong time, actually watching for second time
    Since huawei phones p30 series are getting cheaper I am thinking of buying p30 regular model I have recently bought p30 lite as second phone and fell in love with it even had returned my iPhone xs the huawei beats it in few important factors, sorry apple. Just ordered another p30 lite for a friend and seriously thinking of getting p30 for myself

  3. sites kris

    Not a great review. You are just familiar with the specs and present them in a superficial diplomatic way. We can find the specs.
    I expected more real time examples by using the phones; comparing the speed, taking pictures, opening apps side by side and let the viewer decide the truth.

  4. Mia Clarke

    I accidentally dropped my p30 lite in the toilet and it was fully submerged (it was before I went) but it's comtety fine and works exactly the same. I also dropped it outside of school overnight and it rained lightly and also froze because it was the middle of winter and its still completely fine and works great still. Its still like brand new. So I'd say its a great phone

  5. Malik Muzzammil

    Really impressive reviews. …. i would like to buy even p30 lite but I lost my job due to corona virus lockdown , I don't know when I can buy it….

  6. Tolvaly Laszlo

    nice and very detailed video…i would mention that the p30 pro has an under-screen front speaker which is not a regular speaker…its more like a little vibrating stuff..i cant say anything about the sound quality probably there are no differences but it helps the waterproofing

  7. linglingjr

    I don't care about proccessor battery and camera specs anymore. My last phone failed when the headphone jack wouldn't functuion unless you held it in place on the phone and the usb c port would only connect if you put the phone on the table amd didn't move it. Never had a phone that failed in this way before. Will never be buying an LG phone again. Now I'm just concerned about the p30 lite having a cheaper, lesser quality headphone jack and usb port soldered on which won't last as long.

  8. Timo Hartig

    I've experienced the cool Sci fi thing on the Samsung A70 and it was complete and utter shit. Works 3 out of 10 times. I now got the p30 lite and it works 10 out of 10 times. Dirty fingers? No problem. Cut finger? No problem. You don't have that on the in screen thing. I don't know if it's better on the huawei phones but it's trash on the samsungs

  9. Mr Ak bad

    This guy does not know what he's talking about I have the p30 and it has the edges on the Guys the pros not worth getting the p30 is
    I have a 1TB p30.

  10. Elitegms

    U know… before this I hate huawei… and then my Mom bought me P30 Pro… and shit!!!! It's amazing… better tham my IPhone 8 plus

  11. ProjectDo

    Huawei P30 lite or Samsung S10e, for good (or descent) camera (compared to Iphone X), good battery, and suited for playing some games (maybe 4GB RAM and up??). Would you recommend going the extra mile with the P30, or would one of the other 2 suffice those needs mentioned above? Thanks!

  12. Gustav !

    Thank you so much for this great review!! I couldn't decide between the 3, as the pricing is quite different for them. The P30 sounds more right for me.

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