Huawei P30 vs P30 Pro – Which Is The Better Deal?

The Huawei P30 Pro is obviously the flagship Huawei device but is the standard Huawei P30 actually a better deal? Video Music via Artlist –

This comparison explores the similarities and differences between the Huawei P30 Pro and Huawei P30.

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40 Replies to “Huawei P30 vs P30 Pro – Which Is The Better Deal?”

  1. leeway777

    P30. I make phone calls on my phone mainly. I want a speaker grill. Unless a flying saucer landed far away and I was too scared to be closer to that thing, I would not miss the Pro long-range camera.

  2. Verity Britcliffe

    Ok wtf. I had an iPhone 6s and I got the p30 thinking the camera would be better but it looks shit I’m not even lying. The colours are brighter yes but the quality is ?

  3. Tony Ruck

    Am using an honor play £250. Are either worth the extra particularly when very few photos actually get printed… Most are just shared on social media. I used to always want the best but realised that it was a madness

  4. Kim Bezoen

    I don't get the no headphone plug in. I have a wireless headphone but I need at least 2 of them because last time I forgot to charge it… So that's pretty annoying! And if you don't have a plug in option on your phone you have to wait for it to be fully charged?! Why not keep that option on all the phones so people can choose for themselves. I really want that plug in! (Listening this on my headphone plug in right now ?) and wireless charging is not for me as I always seem to end up with an empty battery late afternoon and now I just can charge with a wire and still keep using my phone. Have no idea how to keep using your phone while charging wireless? But it's my personal preference but very annoying these differences on the 2 phones as I'm in need of a new phone and really want the pro ?

  5. Choose Vegan

    I saw both these phones today for the first time and did think I'd be going for the PRO but then I noticed the curved edge on the PRO and I new straight away I would go for the standard P30 instead. I just totally dislike curve edge screens and I also hate how so many new phones nowadays, like the PRO, have such narrow but tall bodies. Bring back wide screen phones like the old Galaxy S2, at least with the standard P30 it's not as bad as the PRO. Headphone jack is a absolute bonus!

  6. Vinyl Monkey

    how much roughly is it? my 200 year contract comes to an end in September and i want a phone with these specs that will last. I think it will drop 25% in price the time i get it anyway which is good. I want a phone with 6-8gb RAM + 64+ storage + headphone jack + wireless charging. Which these dont offer all. I defo need a headphone hjack and would love wireless charging. but can i live without it to get a quality phone with a 3.5mm jack? mmmmmmm possibly

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