Huawei P30 vs Xiaomi Mi 9: Still CONFUSED? Find Out Which You Should Buy!

The Huawei P30 is an amazing phone but let’s not forget about the Xiaomi Mi 9! Both these devices are excellent flagships in its own right but which is the one for you? Watch on to find out!

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38 Replies to “Huawei P30 vs Xiaomi Mi 9: Still CONFUSED? Find Out Which You Should Buy!”

  1. Funkymojo75

    Great comparison video. I've got the Mi 9 Explorer Edition with 12GB of ram. It's a beast of a phone. By the way, where did you download the Mi 9 lock screen wallpaper?

  2. You Mu

    The Xao Mi Mi 9 is literally the most underrated flagship phone of 2019
    The P30 was just so hyped over because of the camera because people apparently want to look better and not have better speed, and have quality

  3. Mark Herrera

    the advantage of huawei p30 pro is the 50x zoom,but if you are a gamer you will chose and cheaper than,im using mi pad4 plus and mi mix2 which is great for high graphics games

  4. Claudia Liu

    I bought MI9 for 1 week,and I thought it`s wonderful. Before I buy the phone,I went to the HuaWei and test the P30,the P30 make me feel plastic sense. So I bought MI9 at last.

  5. Jeron Peter Coronel

    I really like your tech review here. You've got a good sense of humor. I laughed when you said, "So if you are the kind of person who likes to zooming on stuff, I don't really know what you would like to zooming on". Sounds to me some people would like to use the camera to zoom in on someone else's hanky panky business. ?

  6. kentred studios

    I got my own Mi 9 recently and its been great loved it. i was about to go with P30 because of its camera but I changed my mind because of its chipset. i mean its not bad but sooner or later it will get outdated easily. and Mi 9 is just a cheap killer so slick and smooth im loving it.

    also ive been gaming a lot lately with this phone and i can say that the battery is not bad specially when this charges so quickly. also when gaming it almost doesnt feel like it is heating up even for a quite long period of time on demanding games.

  7. SuperChris

    Thanks Lim for the review. I’m guessing you’re also from SEAsia. Am deciding which to upgrade from my old iphone 6s. Some questions:
    1. both running on China ROMs?
    2. both able to use Google Docs/Map/ play store w/no problem?
    3. Both able to run Netflix app in HD?
    Thanks in advance

  8. Doria Andria

    dose it really worth the 1.5x price(same rom and ram ) for a function that only can be used in photography and only at night and only happened in 1/100 of the situation with only 20%-30% better ?
    Meanwhile Mi9 has much better video recording, 30% better GPU, bigger rom and ram

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