Huawei P40 lite review

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Huawei P40 lite’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, performance, and camera image quality in a short and sweet video. The phone is also available as Huawei Nova 7i or Nova 6 SE on other markets so this review will probably apply to those as well.

▶ Our experience with Huawei’s AppGallery – what works and what doesn’t:

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▶ Huawei P40 lite specs compared to Nova 7i and Nova 6 SE

▶ Track Info: Things That Matter 2 by Gunnar Johnsen and Up to You (Instrumental Version) by Windshield

▶ If you want to know more about our host Will, check out his video episode in our Meet The Team series.

26 Replies to “Huawei P40 lite review”

  1. AbenS 08

    No google service sucks, 200$ wasted. I'm currently watching youtube through the internet. I have to get everything off apkpure because the app gallery has nothing. It's fast and the battery life is literally the best but i really need a solution on how to get google play store and youtube before i ruin this phone with viruses because of apkpure.

  2. theJoker

    I own this phone for almost one year and i am very satisfied with it. Never had any issue of any kind so far. But what really impresses me is the 40 W charger, it goes from zero to 100 % in about half an hour or so. Its really lightning fast. Perhaps the weight should have been a bit more contained. Same with the thickness.
    But theres one thing i am missing alot on this phone: the AMOLED/SUPER AMOLED display. This is why, apart from the P 40 Lite and the Sony T-30 (i bought it in 2003 and had it for a very short period of time) i've always had Samsung phones.

  3. Ibuki Toga

    i need a knew phone becuse my old huawai broke after 2 years so i wanted to go with something familiar thank you for the review this helped with the stress with buying a new phone

  4. Prince Astana

    Use APKPURE for finding apps not available in the app gallery and use Petal Maps for Google maps alternative and YouTube Vanced for YouTube Alternative. Games and Spotify and more are all available in APKPURE use this app store alternative until HarmonyOS comes and app gallery has all the apps. Huawei is excellent and I'm using Huawei Mediapad M6 and also Huawei P40. I'm living life without Google as a gamer and as a person who is actively addicted to social media. Give it a try.

  5. Stjepan Horvat

    Frrom all of the games in the world ofcourse the huawei store doesnt have the only 2 games i play. Dragon city and pokemon go. Can you please say how you downloaded pokemon go. It would mean a lot for me and ps its my birthday!

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