Huawei P40 Pro 2 WEEKS Later! I've Changed My Mind… | The Tech Chap

AD – After 2 weeks with the Huawei P40 Pro – what’s it been like to use everyday? From the design, app store, cameras and my favourite features – here’s my experience so far! For handy hints & tips head over to the Huawei Community:

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This video is made in partnership with Huawei.

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27 Replies to “Huawei P40 Pro 2 WEEKS Later! I've Changed My Mind… | The Tech Chap”

  1. The Tech Chap

    Hey Chaps! What do you think of the P40 Pro? 🤔

    Correction: I jumped the gun on the DisplayMate reference – think I had some crossed wires there. Stay tuned!

  2. MsFearco

    I love my p40 pro plus. 700eur together with a watch gt2 46 was technically 1/3 price of a samsung note 20u and its faster makes better pictures lasts longer and most importantly its not samsung.

  3. atom12062006

    Thank you Tech Chap for the video. Just bought a P40 Pro for my wife, compared with previously iphone, she is finally free to bring one phone for both SIMs, it is good to have the clone-APP function in HUAWEI phones. Also work is indeed easier with new Note book 14 thanks to touch screen and HUAWEI share function. MAGIC.

  4. CD

    I'm still on the p20. Only now my battery is starting to die. Mostly cause of pokego. But i was able to circumvent that after learning about ultra battery saver option.

  5. Yann Ouvey

    Huawei is getting batter and better, very quickly! Thanks to those great international “ads” by Trump, the branding has never been better.

  6. user537

    I am changing my mind about P40Pro + vs S20u. S20u has better focus when doing macro and close up photos. This is becoming a real annoying thing. E.g. try zoom in to read small print, Huawei loses focus after 5x, Samsung works just fine. Huawei's 10x camera isn't good at night like main sensor. Night photos have a lot more noise than P30Pro 'on screen' , noise is removed after you hit the shooter, strange thing. G apps are installable although Samsung has better integration ( alarm reads you forecast and traffic info).

  7. Jason Russell

    I’ve always had iPhones, I don’t have a huge reason to own one other than FaceTiming my girlfriend that’s it REALLY, I currently use a Apple IPhone XR 128 GB, would it be an upgrade to getting the P40pro or plus?

  8. The Typewriter

    would u mind listing down app that didnt make it thru phone clone based on ur experiance .. Ive just gt my own Huawei phone .. and im having a pretty hard time .

  9. Stephanie Nugent

    I would love to have another Huawei phone. Hopefully by the time I upgrade phones again they will have all the apps I use on their app store. My last Huawei had the best camera and battery life of any phone I had ever owned.

  10. Steve McMahon

    I've got the Mate20Pro and it's still one of the best mobiles out there 2day! If I didn't have my mate I'd certainly take a look at the P40pro, it looks just as stunning as the 20.

  11. jzizzles

    lol no. The curved glass is inspired by Samsung. Nice try though.

    But yes, I'm getting one because not only is a a beautiful phone with amazing specs and one of the BEST FREAKING CAMERAS out there, but I also want to make a FUCK YOU statement to the American dictatorship.

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