Huawei P40 Pro One Month Later: New Normal?

The Huawei P40 Pro is a product of massive changes for the company, but despite having no Google services, this device has a ton to offer. JV goes through the parts of this phone that still count, how to navigate the AppGallery and Huawei Mobile Services, and why the whole situation means most of us miss out on a pretty awesome smartphone.

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48 Replies to “Huawei P40 Pro One Month Later: New Normal?”

  1. JustNel

    I ditched my p4xl for this phone!! No regrets.. I used the phone without gservices for 2 weeks then installed them… Honestly, no difference. Love this phone

  2. Controversy

    For some reason I am unable to view this video. In fact, I can’t see ANY YouTube videos on Huawei P40 Pro. They’re all blocked. Even with VPN. I’m in the US. So I ask, are there any other US viewers experiencing the same problem? I don’t want to be cynical but something fishy is going on at Google. Please let me know….anyone!!!

  3. Mike Lyons

    Nice balanced look at an exceptional smartphone. For those of us who are tech savvy it's a great smartphone. Likewise for those prepared to put in a relatively small amount of effort. For those Googleholics who don't want to it in any effort keep away I guess. My next smartphone will be either this or the upcoming Mate 40 pro

  4. AC Milan 1899

    Anyone who has bought a cheap Chinese phone knows that you only have to side load the Google services and you will have the play store and everything running as normal. Why don't reviewers know this? Instead they keep going to the Huawei app store. Do some bloody research.

  5. SDav21

    I noticed something on mine. The 5x lens does not actually activate when you select 5x sometimes. I am not sure why but I notice it jumping between the normal lens and the 5x one. Why is this so? Is it mine or is this a software thing?

  6. trilochan Gurung

    security threat as claim by us is just nonsense. Untill there is us and google nobody can beat in spying..they just don't want to other nation company to overcome their…

  7. Mark Webber

    Ha Ha The P40 pro is just a very expensive camera as nothing else works…… All reviewers say it's great as they get a free 1. And they'll get another free 1 next year!
    Let me know if you'd like to buy a 1 week old P40 pro btw …..

  8. Zzz Zzz

    Samsung and Huawei should spend money to creat their own operating system and creat their own apps smimilar to youtube and google maps

    Dont be slave to zionist america

  9. Paul Winkfield

    Love to have this phone! Had the Honor 8, loved it's camera. Then battery died last fall, got 2 years out of it. Thought that's rather short, purchased OP7 pro. Hope Huawei stay strong!

  10. Phalad TiGeR

    I'm using p40pro silver frost, with gms installed, now i'm clearly understood why Trump is banning huawei, 5g ready, super sleek material design, 40watt wire&wireless charging, 90hz fhd+ screen, kirin soc with inhouse emui equal to super fluidity & speeds, And the Camera Lieca co engineers,
    For me, all around better than iPhone 11pro max, which i used only a week.

  11. Jeroen van G

    Tried it for 48 hours, but to many essential apps ( for me ) don't have a non GMS option, the phone its self : fantastic (after my OnePlus 7t pro and Huawei p30 pro) the smart features of Huawei are really great, it's much smarter then other phones, but due to the fact that essential apps don't have a work around a sadly had to return it and switch back to the p30 pro, hope that Huawei fixes these issues soon so I can switch

  12. Wingy021

    Did you notice any lag during your daily usage? Or is it smooth like iOS? I’m so tempted to move from apple to huawei but then I don’t want to deal with severe lagging and performance issues on most android phones after like 1 year 🙁

  13. foreverlucky75

    I dont know how focused Huawei team is on abt getting all the local commonly used app onto their Huawei App Gallery for your country (referring to lifestyle apps here, as i hardly play mobile games nowadays so i wont know). I live in Singapore, half year ago it was probably abt 20% of wat google app store have, and i went to check recently and am shocked to find out that they already have 80%~90% of them on Huawei App Gallery. With such speed they are working at, i say it is worth giving them a chance.

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