Huawei P40 Pro Plus and Wireless SuperCharge Review

When it comes to smartphone cameras, Huawei’s P40 Pro+ offers more than any other in its class. But can it overcome the lack of Google Play Services? How does it 10X Optical Zoom lens perform versus the 5X Space Zoom on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra? Is the new 40W SuperCharge Wireless Charging Stand game changing? And is the P40 Pro+ your GadgetMatch?

We answer all these questions plus yours in our next in depth review!


00:00 Intro
01:54 Unboxing
02:37 P40 Pro vs P40 Pro+
04:11 Wireless Supercharge
05:31 Revolutionary Camera
07:06 P40 Pro+ vs S20 Ultra
08:02 Using the Telephoto at Night
08:53 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 100x
10:51 Cine Camera
12:18 Low-light Video Comparison
12:46 Night Mode
13:40 Selfie Camera
14:09 Quickfire Q&A
14:51 Is the Huawei P40 Pro+ your GadgetMatch?

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38 Replies to “Huawei P40 Pro Plus and Wireless SuperCharge Review”

  1. Pour Homme

    It's mid January 2021 and you can get an app called Gspace from the App Gallery and it lets you access all Google App Store apps. If like me you discover some can't use the location services then just back up all your stuff then do a factory reset on your phone but reload your Google apps on Gspace fresh again, even works with EMUI 11. It's all good guys! 👍

  2. haceshazel hazel

    already got one and im soo happy with this phone. actualy i dont have any problem without the gms and no point to scare without the gms. already use this phone for almost 2 month(some reviewers use it only for 1 day or 2 day or check it for a while coz its not a main smartphone). all my apps is there. appsgallery is very intelligent…its can help to find another source.. top up gaming also no problem,so many choice and more cheap in online shopping..good for gamers, consistent performance, low heat generate compare to for the camera, gaming n build quality…

  3. Alfred L Early jr

    Someone need to report on the connectivity of these cell phones. Can a person connect at a long distance, in a subway, elevator and near tall buildings? Isn't that what a cell phone for?

  4. L0V3 ViSi0N

    Really like the design of this phone but I absolutely dislike the stupid punch-hole camera. Nonetheless, not everyone likes the selfies and especially the majority of men.

  5. Ariyan Rahul

    Hi bro how are you?? i have one question who is best camera smart phone 2020 Huawei p40 pro plus ,samsung s20 ultra,one plus 8T, pixel 5 who is please share you opinin

  6. The New Controversy

    For some reason I am unable to view this video. In fact, I can’t see ANY YouTube videos on Huawei P40 Pro. They’re all blocked. Even with VPN. I’m in the US. So I ask, are there any other US viewers experiencing the same problem? I don’t want to be cynical but something fishy is going on at Google. Please let me know….anyone!!!

  7. Ax li

    Love it. Tempting to change my P30 pro to white p40 pro plus with ceramic. Real value for money given the spec compared to other flagships in the market today

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