Huawei P40 Pro Plus review: Unfortunately fantastic

The P40 Pro Plus is unfortunately fantastic.
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23 Replies to “Huawei P40 Pro Plus review: Unfortunately fantastic”

  1. C Joe

    Trump wants Huawei die, by banning it and all its affiliates and then cutting off its supply chains and lobbying other countries to do that…What on earth is a government doing this to a tech company?

  2. HAZOX

    Phones aren't ready for 100x zoom, we should focus on perfecting 50x zoom, Samsung made a good move in dialing it back to 50x zoom with the note 20, the 50x zoom on the note 20 looks WAYYY better than the 50x zoom on the s20 Ultra

  3. HAZOX

    Huaweii, the one phone company so good that Trump banned it because it was seen as a threath to what we have for the phone industry

  4. J Nob

    Given the situation, it would great if Huawei made a bare bones version of this phone but keeping the same camera stuff and make it like $400-500. I would use my current phone for day to day stuff and have that as my camera phone.

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