Huawei P40 Pro review

We got the Huawei P40 Pro ahead of its announcement – enough to do a full review so we’ve come up with this video to show you the phone’s top features, build and screen quality, battery life, and performance.

*Correction: The 40MP ultra-wide camera has F/1.8 aperture instead of F/1.9.

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39 Replies to “Huawei P40 Pro review”

  1. Geoffrey Richard

    I wanted to love the p40pro but my banking ap won't work, the canada post ap that I use a lot as a small business doesnt work, the pc-optimum ap in Canada doesn't work and that's how you load your offers. An ap that I use that uses GPS doesn't work well, I need to go into airplane mode and off again for the GPS to be recognized. Stayed with Huawei because of a promotion for a free watch they had but there was a discrepancy on dates that telus said vs what huawei said (1 day off) and they denied me the promo. Definitely jumping ship once I'm finished paying off this very expensive phone. Tired of the political drama

  2. H Y

    I just got my P40 Pro. Yes very impressive. If you like their phone I’m sure you’ll like their smart watches too. That how I was sold on HUAWEI!

  3. fariz ascariz

    It's funny when huawei trying so hard to sell something that has no Google and yet tried to sell it as expensive as iPhone. What u thinking huawei? Keeping the punch up to show that you are a PREMIUM BRAND without solid OS? I rather pick Samsung laggy android as long it has Google.

  4. saw0man

    Galaxy S1 stayed with me for 4 years, s20+ 5G Exynos stayed for 3 months, and I replaced with this phone, not amazing experience but good enough

  5. cyclops1337

    basically a brick without play store. you might not use google services (even though its gonna be very hard using youtube without an app), but you do need the play store. good luck with huawei store and the apps there. and complaining about privacy, well, again, good luck with the chinese communist party vision of privacy.

  6. Joseph Olar

    I wish all smartphone comes with minimal best software for the camera and video.
    now for all other apps should be eliminated their are too many that has no purpose.
    Why not let the consumer decides what they need of course from the cell phone company who creates app that is tailored for their phone and OS
    Also the cell phone carrier has no right to throw in a bunch of useless rubbish.
    Now the next best thing all consumer wish list.
    price point let make it reasonable so that even the person who makes a minimum income can least afford it.

  7. Neofolis

    I'm not convinced about Huawei build quality after my Mate 20 Pro decided to delaminate after 15 months. It's never been dropped and wasn't in particularly warm conditions, it's May and I'm in the UK, but the back just randomly decided to become unglued, then a week later it no longer accepted a charge. Back to Samsung for me. My last Galaxy Note lasted me 4 years, then got passed onto my son who has had it for another 15 months and the only issue was needing to replace the battery, which was easy when phones had replaceable batteries.

  8. Arlind Ai

    Would you please do a detailed camera review on this channel, to keep it honest with all the huawei ads of its perfection from reviewers, and all the negative feedback you can find online for its cameras in different sites commens, i dont see a more trustful site and reviewer than you, thats why i keep comming back here so one honest video would be appreciated 🙂

  9. Sohaib Mahagri

    No stereo speakers deal-breaker for me.
    Aptoide for apps or even that wacky setup to get Google play services will do the trick, BUT NO STEREO ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME FOR A 1000USD they fucked up big time

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