Huawei P40 Pro | Unboxing & Tour | The Beast Is Back

Unboxing the mighty Huawei P40 Pro, an upgraded version of the 2020 flagship smartphone with a quad lens rear camera, EMUI 10.1 software and improved specs. This hands-on review takes a tour of the Huawei P40 Pro’s best features, hardware and software, as well as testing out that camera setup.

If you’re into phone tech, this flagship has a lot to offer. Premium features you’d expect like a 90Hz display, fast battery charging (including 40W wireless recharging) and 5G support are all on board. Huawei’s beefy Kirin 990 platform means games like PubG will play perfectly and you can expect all day battery life no problem.

You get the same 50MP RYYB primary lens as the standard P40, plus an upgraded ultra-wide and telephoto shooter and a Time of Flight sensor. All of the usual camera modes are on board, while the video chops have been boosted to 4K 60FPS recording vs the older P30 Pro. Check back for a full review of the optics.

My tips and tricks guide will show you how to get your old apps onto the Huawei P40 Pro and make the most of the best features. So what do you think of this 2020 premium phone? Let me know below!

30 Replies to “Huawei P40 Pro | Unboxing & Tour | The Beast Is Back”

  1. Prince Astana

    Use APKPURE for finding apps not available in the app gallery and use Petal Maps for Google maps alternative and YouTube Vanced for YouTube Alternative. Games and Spotify and more are all available in APKPURE use this app store alternative until HarmonyOS comes and app gallery has all the apps. Huawei is excellent and I'm using Huawei Mediapad M6 and also Huawei P40. I'm living life without Google as a gamer and as a person who is actively addicted to social media. Give it a try.

  2. Michael Dewsbury

    A snorkel case is a defo must buy for this phone I can't stop doing underwater videos of fish ponds, rivers and I've even taken it into the sea for a splash πŸ’¦

  3. Michael Dewsbury

    I have a P40 Pro and it is amazing true beast of a phone only problem I can think of with this is the lack of Google play. When the yanks sort out there fear of the Chinese hopefully Huawei can get Google on these phones. Like watching your videos very in depth lots of info keep up the good work.

  4. Valdimar Hreidarsson

    An excellent review, I'm sure. However, full stops and commas should be a guide to how you read a text. But they seem to be obsolete judging by this video. I had to stop listening at 4:15 due to the fact that at times it seemed as if two people were talking at the same time making it very hard to follow the line of thought.

  5. pipista90

    I wouldn't buy this even if the price was halved without official Google. For those with the money to buy this phone, consider other brands like the Samsung s20 series, Xiaomi mi 10 pro etc

  6. Slain Bisley

    I tested the mate 30 pro and that is also a beast but this looks good also. I also started slowly a small app store for apps you can not find on other populair apps stores. So people can use that and can download the latest dutch apps like banking or speciaal populair dutch apps . I did this before BlackBerry and I had a nice fan base till the brand died. Also read Trump wanted to kill there devolpment in chips also because they moving fast to take over the lead in two years .

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