Huawei P40 Pro+ vs Huawei P40 Pro vs Samsung S20 Ultra vs Oppo Find X2 Pro | SuperZoom Battle

Comprehensive test of SuperZoom quality on four flagship smartphones.

Watch in 4K to get the best out of the video and to avoid artefacts from YouTube video compression.

See also my comparison of the Huawei P40 Pro and the Samsung S20 Ultra:

35 Replies to “Huawei P40 Pro+ vs Huawei P40 Pro vs Samsung S20 Ultra vs Oppo Find X2 Pro | SuperZoom Battle”

  1. Kh岷 Ph岷 B谩

    Too bad the Huawei cameras produce images with less details, especially when you zoom in the images. The quality starts to break down.
    I have noticed this when I compared images from my P30 and from an iPhone 7 plus. Images from Huawei devices may be more vibrant, but they are nowhere near the sharpness of other brands (iOS or Android).
    Such a pity.

  2. TheArpage

    Why were you primarily comparing the background of the pictures? The camera focus was on the tripod, not the trees and bushes behind it. If anything you compared how well the depth sensors on each phone worked 馃し
    Comparing the images of the tripod and the wooden fence directly behind the tripod (but still clearly in focus range) shows a whole different level of detail!

    Anyway, you got yourself a new subscriber. I like the way you setup the test though I don't agree with the comparisons.


    Amazing comparison.. This is the type of comparison I looked all over YouTube.
    You're my new teacher. Great work. Great material. You are truly original and in depth analyzer.

    Subscribed [to All notifications]
    Keep up the great work., 馃挴馃挴

  4. Jason Lee

    do you know if there are any decent quality filter kits that can be used on the p40 pro? im wondering if I can make something using a case and a cokin filter adaptor or oring mount

  5. Ptyty

    The China phone weakness is their overall software department, that didn't take into account the trust on security. Unless you change phone every six month and mainly use the phone for photo/ video some gaming and the normal communication the chinese phone suit the purpose

  6. Ehsan

    that was one of the best reviews I've ever seen, quite objective unlike stupid reviewers who make subjective opinions on photos that are clear like day light they are wrong. well done bro

  7. Joe Black

    Thanks for the very good review.

    Thanks, for stating what upgrade patch that you were using the S20 Ultra's June upgrade patch.

    This is because it is a waste of creating a review and not stating what upgrade patches were being used.

    One comparison you was too busy comparing the writing that you forgot to compare the derails on the circular knob.

    What was interesting was that there wasn't that much difference between the 3 phones until you compared them to the best pentax camera version.

    As soon as you mentioned Pentax I knew that it would be much better than the others.

    It's a shame that Trump has blacklisted the company, and I purchased the S20 Ultra.

    If ehat you said is correct than I look forward to Samsung improving the 100 x Superzoom lens and the others to the best quality as the best Huawei camera.

    I was expecting you to compare photos of the moon.

    If Huawei has cheated to say so.

    Samsung will have to redesign its hybrid software, because detailed images should take priority over removing details.

    I think that it was unfair to initiate at 5x when the Samsung's optical ends at 4x.

    But Huawei didn't have P40 or P40 Pro when I purchased the S20 Ultra but because Trump blacklisted Huawei and I didn't know which Google's functions and upgrades that I could receive in the future I have made the correct decision.

    It wouldn't surprise me if Trump blacklists all Chinese companies, because he is worried about the USA becoming number 2 instead of number 1 in the world!

    This reminds me of formula one car racing

    The manufacturer who improves its technology the fastest and make the least mistakes by the end of 2020 will provide the best phone for 2020.

    2020 is going to be extremely interesting!

    Apple dragging its heels for years. Whilst maximizing its profits will probably have to provide better technology to keep its customers – because they can't be that stupid.

    I have got the S20 Ultra Exynos that from the latest upgrades that I have seen on the whole produce better camera footage than the more powerful S20 Ultra Snapdragon version.

    Probably, due to the upgraded patches were perfected to maximize the High Hit (efficency) Rate of the Exynos rather than the Snapdragon that I'm elated with.

  8. Kelly Thompson

    Very good comparison video! Thanks for the hard work.
    I live in Kansas and would love to be able to use the P-40 pro+.
    Currently using the Huawei Mate 20 X, and could only imagine those cameras, paired with this big screen.

  9. Krayiss D Kushina

    10:10 p40 pro 5x periscope uses RYYB senor (also RYYB on main camera, ultrawide is not).
    I don't know what the Reno uses.
    P.S. I love the RYYB sensor and assume it plays a big part in 960fps slowmo and is way better than the s20 ultra (because light is so important for slowmo). What's odd about this is I have a hard time seeing a quality difference between main RYYB 960 slowmo vs ultrawide rggb 960 slowmo.?.

  10. Peter G

    Very good comparison, and a like from me 馃檪
    But I would really like to see some head to head shots between the p40 pro and pro+, at x5 zoom and below. (The p40 pro have a 5x optical and the pro+ 10x optical, of course the pro+ will take better pictures beyond x5 zoom).
    And I would also love to see the moon shots you did with the s20 ultra, but with the p40 pro and pro+ (I think the pro+ will be mind blowing at this).
    Keep up the good reviews! 馃檪

  11. John Duke Kisch

    thanks. a big help. I guess its a Huawei P40 Pro once we can buy it here in the states. By the way, what you call "dried up brown needles" in the back of the test photo is actually a Japanese Maple tree. Its leaves are a dark red, deep rust color. It could look "dried up,' but it's not. Look for it again in the Fall, when those leaves turn the brightest red you'll ever want to photograph. Thanks again

  12. vessk000

    This is the PERFECT COMPARISON, that's how it should be done!!!
    THANK YOU !!!

    P.S. Can you make a comparison of the RAW files in your next video?

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