Huawei P40 Pro VS Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera Comparison!

The Huawei P40 Pro got an update a few days ago therefore I made a new camera comparison with the Samsung Galaxy S20.
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Throughout this video you will be able to see daytime pictures, including Portrait Mode, 10 & 20X Zoom, Ultra Wide and Main Lens. There are also some pictures taken at night using the Night Mode, Sample videos and some sample selfies.
What phone do you think does better for pictures and videos?

1:00 – Portrait Mode Pictures (day)
1:54 – Zoom Pictures (day)
2:45 – Ultra Wide (day)
3:35 – Main Camera (day)
4:52 – Night Mode Pictures (night)
7:19 – Sample videos (day & night)
12:00 – Selfies (day & night)

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Huawei P40 Pro vs Samsung s20

50 Replies to “Huawei P40 Pro VS Samsung Galaxy S20 Camera Comparison!”

  1. namrur

    Is sounds like you have accidentally covered the P40 mic. It's just sound very bad compared to any other review of the P40 Pro.

  2. Roberto Deidda

    Ciao vorrei un tuo consiglio dovrei acquistare un buon telefono ché faccia ottime foto.. qual'è il migliore tra s20 e p30 pro ? Ripeto a me interessa che vengano foto belle.. grazie anticipatamente

  3. J S V

    If you do not show 100% pictures, it does not make sense. With these pictures you cannot see the differences. I am a pro photographer. Thanx

  4. iced dragon

    thank you for this review! I was wondering, in one of your other comparison videos about the S20 (S20 vs P30pro vs LG G8x I believe) you mentioned a problem with the autofocus of the S20… Do you think it has been solved in the mean time, with all the updates, or still a problem?

  5. iced dragon

    Thank you for this review. In one of your other comparison video's (P30 pro vs S20 vs LG G8x i believe ) I noticed there were a few hickups with the autofocus of the S20. What do you think about that now? Has it been solved or…?


    Hey there just wanted to say that for the ultra wide lens and the normal lens please only use night mode if it is too dark or very few lights. Other than that great review.

  7. erick hidayat

    For music event, Samsung has definitely better sound. Huawei has the problem with conflicting noise cancellation microphone, a typical problem with Chinese phone. But Huawei main camera is better.

  8. Stanley.M

    Huaweï already has all the alternatives to Google!

    You can buy Huawei, it's already recommendable, don't make fun of it and it's very secure. Here is the list of what Huawei is currently replacing:

    – Google Assistant / Huawei Celia Assistant
    – Google Duo / Meetimes
    – Gmail / Email
    – Google Drive / Huawei Drive
    – Google Maps / Here we go
    – Google Chrome / Internet browser / Qwant (you can also download Chrome if you wish)
    – Play music / Huawei Music
    – Playstore / AppGallery or Apkpure (downloadable from the Internet)
    – Google Calendar / Huawei Calendar
    – Google Photo / Huawei Cloud
    – Google Note / Huawei Note
    – Google Video / Huawei Video
    – Google Weather / Huawei Weather

    And the icing on the cake is that all these applications work with the central link that is the HUAWEI ID. In other words, Huawei already has its ecosystem with their Huaweï mobile services which already work on its smartphones released from 2015.

  9. Ryuhoshi

    Damn P40 Pro is amazing with that zoom. That said, from what you showed S20 has waaaaay better ultra wide camera. Not only wider, but sharper, less noisy and i wouldn't say that the colors there are oversaturated. I would say that at night the P40 Pro ultra wide is washed out too much.

  10. Curve Ahead

    1:06, you must be blind. A part for one mistake on the right of your collar, the S20 shows much sharper edges where on the P40 Pro it's blurred (hair on top of the head, hairs on the cheeks).

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