Huawei P40 Pro Vs Samsung Galaxy S20+ FULL COMPARISON! : Which Should You Get?🤔

Huawei P40 Pro Vs Samsung Galaxy S20+ FULL COMPARISON! : Which Should You Get?🤔

In this comparison video, I give you the full comparison between the Huawei p40 pro vs Samsung galaxy s20 plus which includes the display, design, camera, performance, battery, price and everything else that you should know about both these Huawei P40 and Samsung S20 Flagships to help you make a purchase decision on which smartphone you should get and whether or not the Huawei P40 Pro or the Samsung S20+ is worth it

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Huawei P40 Pro

Samsung Galaxy S20+

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24 Replies to “Huawei P40 Pro Vs Samsung Galaxy S20+ FULL COMPARISON! : Which Should You Get?🤔”

  1. LostInTranslation

    Aiya…just install GMS backdoor lah. So easy kaodim already. By the way, both phones also very good. As for form factor, I think Samsung is still winning.User experience as for me I still prefer Samsung but P40 also not bad. Samsung has NiceLock which really brightens up the whole user experience in which P40 has none. Sound wise, I still prefer S20 series over P40 series. As for the battery , I think P40 does a better job here. By the way, I'm using P40 now.

  2. Malisa Dimitrijevic

    A lot of people love macro photography, and couldn't add macro mode to both the p40 pro and p40 pro +
    Really how could that miss huawei? I am disappointed in huawei because of that small but valuable little thing.

  3. Jb C

    I love my p40 pro, but i disagree when you said best Battery optimization right now. My iphone 11pro max has 3900+battery but it would last more than my p40 pro.

  4. WLF

    Huawei has a great hardware but they lack in software … thier AI assitant to shite compare to bixby and rotuines … You cant compete one UI .. I wish P40 pro had atleast samsung level software integration i wouldn't have to go back to Samsung …. Big fan of Huawei but they are lacking in software in a big way …

  5. Rudra Star

    P40 pro is the best,without google he didn’t loose hope and moved ahead,keep it up Huawei and defeat the stuff brands such as Samsung or iPhone

  6. Agnieszka H

    I've been a Samsung user for years now, I think I'm on a 4th phone.
    Just wanted to check how no Google services effect it all? What else is in place to replace it?

  7. ORJ osseo

    I am using S20+ here in the philippines and it was great so far. I will still go using samsung or second choice apple because of security features. I will never trust china huawei even they became the best phone in the future. Why cmon china is china.

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