Huawei P40 Pro VS Samsung Galaxy S20 – SPEED TEST

A speed test between the Huawei P40 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S20! What phone is faster?
In this video I’ve included a quick video editing test, the Antutu benchmark results and of course App opening times.

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33 Replies to “Huawei P40 Pro VS Samsung Galaxy S20 – SPEED TEST”

  1. Avir 101

    :/ the newest thing of something was the ultra dont you think ots unfair to compare a pro version of a phone vs the normal one
    You should have chosen the s20 plus or s20 ultra

  2. Synergy Syed

    Great video bro !!!! This test is far more better and different than the standard app opening and closing videos on youtube.
    Please subscribe to my channel and help me grow. Thanks

  3. Stanley.M

    The P40 pro prototypes existed long before the release of the S20. So a copy? No, I do not think so. Rather samsung which copies. In addition the p40 are more beautiful.

  4. bjurra

    You should do a test comparing speed, camera and battery in the exynos vs snapdragon Samsung S20 lineup. Others have claimed its almost totally different phones…

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