Huawei P40 Pro+ vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 100x Zoom Shootout | Which one did it better?

As the title suggests, we’re pitting two flagship smartphones on a head-to-head photo shootout battle featuring their 100x Zoom capabilities. For this fun video, we’re doing things a bit differently — because we’d like to observe social distancing, we’re doing the shootout all in the comforts of our car. Yes, we’re going around BGC but we’re staying indoors (well, inside the car) to do said shootout. So, which phone did it better? Check the video to find out!

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27 Replies to “Huawei P40 Pro+ vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 100x Zoom Shootout | Which one did it better?”

  1. Tommy Langan

    the samsung has more ram. the huawei has better zoom. the samsung has google. the huawei has better night mode. the samsung has better widescreen..because it has a wider field of view…with less quality haha the huawei has better super slow mo. both are good phones. neither is perfect. the p50 pro plus will be better….then the s22, p60. s50, p100 🙂

  2. Josh Walker

    3x zoom is no good on the ultra because you are just digitally zooming the 1x lens. The optical lens starts at 4x on the ultra. The p40 pro plus has a 3x optical lense aswell as a 10x optical lense. So you are comparing them in the wrong way.

  3. Kopi FLIGHTS

    this vid is a huawei ad 😂😂😂 who would want to have that mega low res 100x zoom… and why wont you put pictures side by side? not frame by frame thats a really bad comparison.. this video is paid no doubt..

  4. Hi Korea

    Samsung20 ultra user is here. Samsung is best. 12gb ram. But it's a bit pricey though…..
    I guess if samsung will drop their price a little. Maybe people will choose samsung instead.

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