Huawei P40 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – USAGE COMPARISON

P40 Pro vs Samsung S20 Ultra camera test, gaming test, design, screens etc. Huawei P40 Pro camera better than S20 Ultra?

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50 Replies to “Huawei P40 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra – USAGE COMPARISON”

  1. di Gwapo

    I was a samsung user until I switched to huawei p40 pro. it just never disappoints me. i don't regret switching from samsung to huawei. dont get me wrong, id still love to have a samsung phone. But I fell in love with p40 pro from the first day of using it. not to mention the camera and battery. it's a great phone. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. John Rosario

    Good video but you need to get information more accurate. maybe you need to know much more deeper in each device. Also @ 4:50 image are not close quality P40 pro is more better but then obviously more features of S20 ultra is better but don't forget S20 Ultra is around £400 more money. lol

  3. FreeRide. Ph

    Then the spec that you should campare the p40 pro plus vs s20 ultra not the p40 pro only the s20 vs p40 pro then p40pro plus vs s20 ultra that is the best comparison

  4. handygoelzi

    Samsung fanboy. S20 series is complete crap. Changed from s20 to p40 pro because of the exynos issues and the camera is much oversaturated. Colors are vibrant but far away from real. Sometimes complete useless. So p40 pro defeats Samsung besides the display in every way

  5. Caleb Boik

    I think people that obsess over a phone camera shouldn’t be in the market for a PHONE CAMERA. Considering everything, a lot of the photos that I see aren’t if one is better than the other, it’s preference. Yes in some cases the P40 beats the s20, and vise versa. Software on both are kinda inconsistent in terms of camera so you can get an awesome picture with one and take that same picture and it be miles ahead of the other. Like I said, if you really depend on your camera this much, just invest in an actual camera that you could take so much better photos on. I understand the convenience of having a great camera on your phone. But for what most people actually really want out of pictures is just good photos that will be consistent and easy to take. There’s too much bias in anyone’s opinion on any phone for there to be. I personally prefer the s20s camera. But that’s me. Not you. Let’s make this a community of understanding opinions rather than bashing them.

  6. Gabriel H.

    How come a reviewer does not have a clue of what he is reviewing? The P40 Pro does have face unlock with its 3d sensor. That’s the idea of that huge pill-shaped cut out. Do a little homework before posting please. I like your videos, don’t get me wrong, I just needed to point that out…

  7. Steave Jaycobs

    You guys complain about everything. When holding ur phone, ur thumb naturally hovers above where Huawei placed the fingerprint sensor. So ure making a useless complaint. Look for something else to say.

  8. Shalom SJ

    Don't compare p40 pro with s20 ultra. P40 pro vs s20+ will be the better comparison. Compare p40 pro plus with s20 ultra. Why don't you compare with there actual competitor 😑.

  9. Мартин Стоилов

    Huawei's fan club is crying 😭 Display – S20 Ultra clear win. Speakers – S20 Ultra clear win. Battery life on screen in my S20 Ultra – 10 hours at least at 120Hz. Camera on S20 Ultra – great colors and details. On P40 pro – Very light images with red problems. Price I paid with Snapdragon 1000USD. Soon S20 Ultra will be cheaper than P40 pro. Have a good night Huawei's fan club 🤓

  10. Muhammad Hameer Soomro

    hello dear, i want to ask a favour that can you please make a comparison video (Camera, hardware etc) of Huwaei p30 pro vs Redmi k 30 pro on urgent please. and the current time will you suggest Huwaei p30 pro over Redmi K30 Pro. TIA.

  11. Njoi Fontes

    Not a very good comparison my friend, you got a few things wrong and forgot to mention other that are quite important:
    – As other have already pointed out, the p40 pro does have proper 3d unlock, the only flagship in the world right now that offers both face unlock and fingerpring scanner.
    – You forgot to mention that the quad curved screen makes not only for a more comfortable hold of the phone it also makes gestures from the bottom and top much smoother since its also curved there.
    – You didnt even mention battery life… which is again considerably better on the p40 pro when compared to the s20 ultra if you run it at 120 hz, and this is obviously the reason why Huawei decided to go with 90 Hz.
    – You didnt even mention the fact that the P40 pro is freaking 400 USD cheaper than the S20 Ultra !!!
    – With regards to the camera comparison when going through the zoom comparisons at 4:08 it is clear that the P40 pro image is much sharper while the S20 is just blurry and you dont even mention that. The comparison at 4:22 is also the same, even if not to the same extent. At 4:43 the P40 pro has far mode detail while the S20 is just horribly oversharpened, can't you see the difference?
    – The selfie comparison at 6:55 is not overexposed at all, yes it is brighter than the S20 but detail is not lost at all. It get the dark side of your face much better exposed while on the S20 you can barely even tell the colours of your eyes. The only problem with the P40 pro is that it got the colour of your jacket wrong, which I assume was black and not dark blue. It, however has better detail and less noise than the S20 picture, just look closely at the jacket.

  12. Hann

    I really like the new P40 Pro, especially the camera. If I were out looking for a phone I'd go for Samsung, because as you said no earpiece, no 120 hertz refresh rate, which is not that of a big deal as many devices still don't have it, but the most important is GMS. So, Huawei 🤔

  13. Bester Tester

    P40 pro always looks washed out if they want simulate a high contrast pic. And the colors looks aweful. Ultra always looks natural. Like i see it with my eyes too. So thump up for the ultra.

  14. pixelsbybry _

    The comparison you had is not good. You missed a lot of things from P40 pro. Seems like you're siding eith the ULTRA. As a matter of fsct you shouldve compared it to P40 Pro Plus not the Pro.

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