HUAWEI P40 Series Online Global Launch Event

Step into a new era of smartphone photography with #Huawei – live at 14:00 CET Thursday March 26th #VisionaryPhotography #HUAWEIP40
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48 Replies to “HUAWEI P40 Series Online Global Launch Event”

  1. capilano

    I'm so in love my with p10. It's been 3.5 years. It's been amazing experience with it. I would love to upgrade to p40 pro but the latest threat by govt banning huawei is so frustrating 😤. I'm in 🍁. Sick of 🍏 n anroaid.

  2. لقطة

    Hello, I am Hamdi from Morocco. Please do not buy Huawei phones. They have a great shortage and are not honest. They say that the phone has a good work system, but a lie that deceives their products. They say that the phone is fast, a lie, even if it has a strong, heavy memory, it is fraudulent and the RAM is fraudulent. Be safe and don't let them laugh at you

  3. seriful f

    hey huawei i like your phones,but i cannot buy anymore because you don't have google play ,do something about it i don't know bring back google play,hack it somewhow or negociate with google for bringing it back.

  4. Nemo Oval

    Sry but what was that?!? This Presentation is so unrespectable for all people who created this phone. I'm so sry but Huawei YOU need a better and a more presentable speaker!

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