Huawei P40 unboxing and first impressions

Join Lewis as he unboxes the brand-new Huawei P40, outlining the key features and a handy trick to get your Android apps onto the Google Play-less smartphone.

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21 Replies to “Huawei P40 unboxing and first impressions”

  1. Mr.B

    Huawei P40 6.1 in screen 3800mah battery = 870 euros…Huawei P40 lite 6.4 inch screen 4200mah battery = 380 euros… Wtf like..doesn't seem right..Fair enough P40 has better chipset, cameras and Ram..But come on..People will choose the lite version, I would but unfortunately No Google supported apps on these devices….

  2. Neko Michi

    How does the Phone Clone tool handle in-app purchases? I have a few apps that are free to download but I've purchased an in-app unlock that enables full features. I'm presuming these require GMS to validate and Phone Clone won't transfer these at all but has anyone fully tested this before?

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