Huawei P9 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

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It’s 5.5-inch screen season and in todays comparison vs video it’s the Huawei P9 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Huawei’s new contender packs pretty killer internals thanks to a Kirin 955 processor and 4GB RAM, not to mention 64GB of expandable storage. Samsung still has some killer features under the S7 edge’s screen: waterproofing, curved Quad HD AMOLED and a larger 3600mAh battery. Which is the one for you? Watch them side-by-side and make your mind up, shooting any questions or comments down below.

27 Replies to “Huawei P9 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy S7 edge”

  1. Ismail Hossen

    p9 has one button for power on and off but s7 has two buttons for power on and off ….it the difference between p9 and s7….now vote please which is the best????

  2. Ifedayo FASHUSI

    Personally i love Huawei, it all comes down to preferences and truth be told..immediately I saw the two phones I fell for the first one. It's so beautiful. Besides it's all Android but don't talk bad about my phone…no need to be biased over a brand, just state the truth as it is.

  3. Noman Shahzad

    How much salary you get from samsung to make good reviews about samsung lol
    Huwawei p9 camera is 19/20 difference from samsung s7.
    there are many options in p9 camera builtin application .. rather than s7 have auto everything.

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