Huawei secretly released a killer Smartphone…

A new Smartphone has arrived from Huawei…
You can find out more here:
(Phone comes with a UK plug if purchased in the UK)

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30 Replies to “Huawei secretly released a killer Smartphone…”

  1. Sachin Ramanathan

    Hi…. I'm considering buying a phone for a budget of $360 USD…… I want good specs on it and I want a good OS… I am considering this phone but I really dont like the look of EMUI… I prefer more clean looks like iOS and OneUI… Could you guys please help me decide which phone to buy?

  2. C J

    I like it but that notch…it's literally an eyesore.
    Holding back a few months to when there is more notch-less options available in the phone market.

  3. A Coul

    This guy loves phones with notches…then again its like every phone out there is notches these days….Notchless phones lover for life here.

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