Huawei Smartwatch 2 – REVIEW


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Huawei Smartwatch 2 REVIEW
Huawei Watch 2 REVIEW


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21 Replies to “Huawei Smartwatch 2 – REVIEW”

  1. theo vas

    What if I told I don't want the watch for exercise I just want it for messaging receiving calls and all of that. Also happy new year!!

  2. Peter Falkelind

    Hi! I’m looking for a watch to use mainly when I’m on vacation. When on vacation and you are out having a few beers in a bar, it’s easy to forget your phone since it’s too big to have in your pocket while sitting. The perfect thing would be to have a smart watch instead and leave the phone in the hotel. What I’m looking for is a watch that I can use for Facebook messenger, texting and calls, both standard calls and Messenger calls through WiFi . I’m been looking at tons of reviews but most reviews is focused on looks and training features. What is the best watch, in your opinion, for my needs? I also would love if I could use Google Assistant. I have a Samsung Note 8

  3. Sean Murray

    Hey Jim you mentioned chest strap. Can you confirm is that a Huawei accessory or do you combine it with another product. I'm looking for a chest strap for client. He cannot always wear the watch for certain activities so a chest strap would really help. What do you use?

  4. Alex Chapman

    I've got a Huawei P20 Lite which apparently isn't on the list of Samsung Gear S3 compatible devices 🙁
    I've used it briefly and loved the S3 (the bevel – yummy!) … but as my phone is a Huawei, I'm toying with being brand loyal and go for the Watch 2.
    How do the 2 really compare? Would the S3 work with my P20?

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