Huawei Watch 2 – First Impressions – From a Runner's Perspective

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13 Replies to “Huawei Watch 2 – First Impressions – From a Runner's Perspective”

  1. BD BNKetti

    Have you had any issues with real time pace? My bf has this watch, while I am using a TomTom. He is seeing ridiculous paces… like 3 min / mile while my tomtom is showing a pace of 10:00 when we are running right next to each other.

  2. Debra Dukes

    Donovan very nice really looks nice.When everyone See's it they ask what it is. I did the same.Very nice Review enjoyed Deb.P.S.Wear it in good health.?Hope you and Family have Wonderful Holiday Weekend Deb

  3. T3beatz

    Funny, I was just looking at this watch today at best buy. I was thinking, damn that thing is way overpriced, and not better looking than it's big brother. Smaller screen (for unisex), and I also know that they are going for the fit crowed for the most part so I cut Huawei some slack on that. But honestly there is only so much you can do right now with these smart watches. I have android 2.0 on my LG Urbane and the ticwatches UI is sooo much smoother. Yes android wear has the app store, but 95% of the stuff we wont use.

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