Huawei Watch 2 Full Review: Surprisingly Good Small Watch

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27 Replies to “Huawei Watch 2 Full Review: Surprisingly Good Small Watch”

  1. Saad Aldousari

    hello, if i want a watch that works with my huawei mate 10 pro and i can receive whatsapp and messages and i can reply on the watch without using my phone, any suggestions.

  2. Eldritch Augur

    For me I think the Gear S3 looks gaudy as hell. It's massive and too blingy for me. I was having a hard time finding a smartwatch that doesn't look like I'm flashing expensive tech in everyone's face and the Huawei looks a little more reserved.

  3. Ronin R

    Hi Jeff. I have read somewhere that we will have to turn on gps in phone in order to use Google fit. Why is that when you have an inbuilt gps on phone.. I use runstatic pro excessively. I would like to use it independently without carrying the phone. If that is the case then this watch is pretty useless for me since runstatic uses gps and records the path we walk through..

  4. alpacino1976

    thanks for the review is perfect, i have a question, with that little screen, can you answer the whatsapp messages with the keyboard?? or is too small for that??

  5. NewtonDKC

    Argh, why didn’t you compare the thickness of the S3 and Huawei 2? 🙂 Was hoping to see you put them back to back in addition to side to side…so how do they compare thickness-wise? Also, do you use the rotating bezel on the S3 often and find the nonmoving Huawei bezel is an annoyance or a non-issue? Love the original Huawei but the tiny screen on the Huawei 2 seems like it would be a massive step back, especially bumping into the stationary bezel and no rotating crown? Do like the battery life and AndroidPay…if only they’d kept the 1.4” or even a 1.3” screen and had a rotating crown or bezel?

  6. Mike

    I actually really like the aesthetics of this watch. Of course its different to the first generation of Huawei watches, that was not intended for people with a priority of fitness tracking.

  7. Tom Molesa

    Just got the Huawei Watch 2 and am having frequent bluetooth disconnect from my android phone, which never happened with my Gear S3. Did you ever have that problem?

  8. Zach Grabill

    I've had both watches, and I like both. One thing I've noticed with my Google Pixel is that the Bluetooth performance with the Huawei is better than the Gear S3. I think it's because Tizen works differently than the Wear 2.0 OS. So, when wearing my Gear my phone had a ton of trouble connecting with my car. With the Huawei, it works perfectly every time.

  9. Debra Dukes

    Jeff Thanks so much looks nice and really enjoyed but I have one question can you change the strap? or is that a negative. I have had a first gen Android watch that never really worked from beginning but has leather band and looks nice but like I mentioned to many issues. I like the size of this and would like to try if you can switch bands I have very sensitive skin that would be my only issue.Thanks for Awesome Review Deb?

  10. Orlando Biotechnology

    Until battery technology is increased by light years, I think focusing on heart rate, quick charging, NFC, etc… LTE sucks to be honest, FYI, Jeff, my LG watch sport had to be spent back to LG for the second time, now for water damage, first time battery life…

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