Huawei Watch 2 hands-on: one step forward, two steps back?

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We go hands (or, wrist, rather) on with the next generation Huawei Watch, the Huawei Watch 2. Huawei’s new Android Wear device isn’t exactly one we’re falling in love with right out of the gate, though – they’ve made some confusing decisions with this product, and we’re not sure what to make of it all.

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26 Replies to “Huawei Watch 2 hands-on: one step forward, two steps back?”

  1. Tiago Paixao

    I use the huawei watch 2 for sports and I think that for the price, that is 180 euros in my country, it's a very good watch, and not that bad looking, at least for my taste……

  2. Arshukry C Othman

    I think the thickness of watch is ok. I dont think they can make a watch any much thinner if they were to lump so much apps into it. And this watch is still thin compares to kw88.

  3. Damilola Olugboji

    Having owned this watch, it really isn't as bad as the review says it is. basically if you like the sportier look go for this one but if yu want a more classoc and refined look just go for the classic version.

  4. Lee Woods

    I absolutely love my Huawei Watch 2 Sport. I am in almost total disagreement without your critiques on the design and feel, definitely happy I didn't use your review for my purchase decision. I think Android Wear has room to grow and hopefully users are giving Google feedback on what needs to be improved, it's not terrible just some things that would make the experience better.

  5. mnguyea

    I have no problems with the watch. It is comfortable to wear. Did traded out the wristband for another silicone band. The battery life is good and last through the day even after a heavy 2 hr workout or a 10K run with full heart rate and tracking on. Went on a 4 hr hike using an app and it lasted longer than the phone (PixelXL) Yeah, the bezel could have been smaller or they could have just taken out the non-rotating number dial but as a casual wear and for the gym it is perfectly fine. I tried the LG sport and man that was the most uncomfortable watch I've ever worn. I like the customization for the bottom button. I liked the rotate dial of the LG but it was extremely annoying as it would constantly trigger Google during workouts like pushup etc. So yeah, it was nice but not a must have feature for me.

  6. Ronin R

    I don't know why people are criticising so much for this watch.. People are looking into YouTube for the review but not some bullshit design opinions..
    I would rather prefer for a video which talks about inbuilt gps lock, how it performs with apps like runstatic which is inbuilt with the watch, other sensors accuracy…

  7. tomstrain69

    I love this watch, It has a lot of features, I also have all black buttons on my watch, no silver, which I think give it a nicer look, I was able to talk my text back, then press OK to send it. Really a smooth watch, with a lot of features, and I think the watch has a nice clean look. A very nice Watch.

  8. Mustafa Memon

    You have to compare the W1 with the W2 Classic. This is the sports version hence not really an increment of the W1. I think it looks nice for a sports watch

  9. Master Neeks

    Reviewed the sports version and wanted a Rolex? Do a review on it's performance when you get the chance. I could careless about having a nice looking watch when I'm 10 miles into a run.

  10. Abhishek Anand

    It is a sports watch. Step aside and let a fitness enthusiast review it. At least take it on a run and report the accuracy of the sensors. Not everything is for everyone. If you don't need a sport watch, buy the non-sport version.

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