Huawei Watch 2 Hands on Review | The greatest android smartwatch yet

Now this is a good smartwatch and this is my Huawei watch 2 hands on review. More info: I have the carbon black one which looks awesome. I wish it had a bigger display with smaller bezels and with no engraved numbers. The performance is smooth for the most part and using android pay is awesome. The call quality on the watch is good and the speakers are enough to take calls outside.

correction: it has 760mb of Ram*

Huawei Watch Sport Amazon:

Huawei watch bands:

My gear:

Panasonic g85:

Samsung SD Card 4K:

Comica Microphone:


Fluid head:

Canon Flash:


Title: Say Good Night
Artist: Joakim Karud
Genre: Hip Hop & Rap
Mood: Happy


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35 Replies to “Huawei Watch 2 Hands on Review | The greatest android smartwatch yet”

  1. shiburaj lr

    after installing sin card can call or receive call for few minutes , after 5 minutes cannot call from watch or receive call in it . Says ;switch off, when calling from other phones. After flight mode ON & OFF works correctly for 5 minutes . How to solve this issue

  2. 63off

    Man, have you got a plane to catch? Slow the hell down! It's really hard to understand some of what you're saying because you are speaking so damned fast.

  3. The Wright Times

    I got the watch 2 weeks ago. I love it. Its froze a couple of times when changing faces which is a pain. I wish I could get the screen to stay on a bit longer than a few seconds.
    My screen is really bright.
    Do you have a link for the phone and charger stand you showed.

  4. rezahar

    Hi man. Thank you. Informative video.
    I have a Huawei watch 2 & it's very good but the biggest problem I faced is that my Galaxy Note 8 phone doesn't identify it in SHealth. Wheb SHealth searches for a device, it can't find the watch. So the watch can't be used in Shealth. I contacted Samsung & it seemed they did not understand my problem, & gave me useless advice. So far this has been my biggest issue. The second issue is the keyboard. You can't install a Persian keyboard. So you have to either speak to it, or use English alphabet to send a message. Third, you can't download music to your watch to listen through your bluetooth headphones without having your phone with you. You either have to install other apps for that, or use your phone.
    The rest is wonderful & I think it is better than many other watches. I even prefer it to Galaxy Watch, for it has much more applications.

  5. Syed Muneeb

    Does huawei watch 2 support speaker and mic so you can talk with watch with and it is good for small wrist? Or it will look very bad? I use gear s2

  6. Zikki Zidan

    very nice review. can i use my HW2 with my 4g sim card and use all features?i dont want to connect to my phone through bluetooth for some reason ,i want it purely independent

  7. ashok kumar

    samsung , huawei, lg these smartwatch have all features but battery life all are poor but amazefit pace and bip are less features but battery life amazefit pace 7days + amazefit bip 45days+ , price also amazefit pace rs 8000 and amazefit bip rs 5000

  8. WTFx

    Definitely appreciated seeing the shots with the 2 other bands on this sport model. Review was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks

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