Huawei Watch 2 Review

Our quick review for the Huawei Watch 2. A fitness watch that completely forgot its roots.

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  1. Ronin R

    I have seen people complaining that we will have to turn on phone gps while using Google fit even though there is inbuilt gps in the watch.. Why is that? I use runstatic will it be the same with that app too.. If that is the case then what is the purpose of inbuilt gps?

  2. Fashizy

    I thought this had a ceramic bezel? I noticed he said plastic. I would think plastic would just scratch and look like crap really quickly. Can't believe they wouldn't even use steel at least. Wow.. that's terrible

  3. NewtonDKC

    Great review, and agree especially w/ your statement "ignored everything that made the original Huawei Watch so good". Why shrink the display while simultaneously making the rest of the Watch huge (I know, to fit the LTE stuff supposedly, but even the non LTE versions are the same huge case). The nonmoveable bezel is annoying (does Samsung have it patented or something? Its purpose here (and in the far more functional bEl on the Gear S 2/3) is to hold the antenna allowing the bands to be changed, but with the design you can't find ones that fit the odd design!) as it gets in the way of swiping the tiny screen and the tic marks are pointless and outdated and look like an old LG Watch R! Also agree on the lack of a rotating crown as it would have somewhat made up for the shrunken screen that is obscured by every finger swipe which bumps into that bezel, arghhh! And they went from sapphire to gorilla glass. Very disappointing follow up from Huawei when the original Watch absolutely excelled and blew away the competition. These Sport models and the yet to be released Classic model already look terribly dated, here's hoping Huawei rediscovers the formula that made the original so groundbreaking and attractive at the same time, with the many variant styles that the original also did so well. The recent interview with their CEO gives a bug hint why this 2 model is so lackluster, but if they just tweak the original design, add a rotating crown, Higher capacity battery and NFC (which would fit by moving to the smaller 2100 SOC) while keeping everything else about the original (incl variant color options) the same, they'd ironically have the best Watch again! Have one thicker sport model with LTE for the users that must have it, and there's a fantastic Watch 3 lineup.i just hope the lack of interest in the blasé 2 won't make Huawei throw in the Wear towel…

  4. Alek Martinez

    Great video as usual. I love the jazzy music, it really reminds me of marques brownlee. Im considering this smartwatch since it's durable and I already have an honor 8

  5. VegetablesGoOff

    Has one key feature Garmin watches don't have; music & audio cues

    I'd love to see an actual fitness review, covering heart rate accuracy and responsiveness, GPS accuracy, vo2max accuracy & peripheral integration

  6. David

    Funny intro Tim ?

    This watch is such a letdown compared to the first Huawei watch. This thing is hideous and bigger than it has to be.

  7. Mizzoumike000

    I hate they didn't go wireless charging . that is the most annoying thing the puck had to be in the perfect spot . plus I'm hearing the original actually has NFC that hasn't been activated yet . I definitely couldn't buy this as an upgrade

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