Huawei Watch 2 Review

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The Huawei Watch 2 is a jarring change from the original, and Josh is here to explain why going Wear 2.0 is both good and bad for Huawei’s smart wearable.

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47 Replies to “Huawei Watch 2 Review”

  1. Frei

    Great review, but I don't get that last part, when he says you can't wear it outside of the gym. Is it merely because of the sporty design he thinks you can't wear it outside of the gym? And not because of any features or lack thereof?

  2. G Money

    Probably will go unanswered but can someone please help me out here? I have a Huawei watch 2 and it's cool but recently I've been trying to Sideload Apps in an effort to bring cooler apps to it (and mainly a GBC emulator). I've only successfully gotten 1 app to work (John Gbc) but the buttons are completely mashed together and I can't edit the layout without it crashing. Is there any way to get any emulators on this successfully? I truly would love to know as this would be great for the train ride home.

  3. 033018 033018

    I am looking for smartwatch that has camera,facebook,google assistant,can make a phone call even if I dont have my phone with me… pls help.? any recommendations? At my work they dont allowed cell phone so I'm trying to find other ways…

  4. Justin

    It's a watch I can buy used and not be afraid to wear to work unlike my first gen Huawei which I always get compliments on and everybody wants it.

  5. Ray Sefo

    y buy this watch 5 month's ago and now is starting to give me problem charging , y connect the watch to the charger but is not charging , y have to move a lot the charger in different positions to start charging , now I'm looking on eBay for new charger . Never again !!!…

  6. Ardaazra Biber

    Hi A,A Thanks for your effort
    I'm watching your videos with interest
    I would like to ask a "comprehensive and well-equipped smart clock proposal".
    The content what I need
    (camera waterproof & durable one) long life battery ram-memory.
    Suggest is important to me Thanks a lot…

  7. Filip Matacin

    Ooh, Joshy, always the same tune with you.. Tryin realy hard to find something that is not good, but, when nothing could be found, then like all the times you found the strap.. But, as a bike profeasional, I can tell you with geat confidence, Joshy !! Get into yourself, the best smarty by far, the gear s3 falls short, that is the short and neaked truth.. because, feel free to ask me about ALL THINGS ANDROID..

  8. psammiad

    Such a shame they had a stylish watch that lacked features – now they have a feature packed watch, that's ugly. I can't bring myself to buy either.

  9. Krzysztof C

    Hi, I hope you could help me with this problem: I can't connect my Huawei Watch 2 4G to any available WiFi networks – it attempts to connect, but shortly after that shows NO CONNECTION to the network. It works fine, when paired with my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. Any ideas ? Thanks in advance.

  10. Roger Oz

    Lol The battery of my garmin F3 last 2 weeks in normal mode and 24 hours in training mode (with the GPS on). Once you own a Garmin watch all these wearables things are a joke …..

  11. marco3sm

    So I don't get what you don't like. It is still better then Iwatch… I don’t agree with many if all your points. At least it looks like a watch. I guess you never checked normal watches like tissot Omega and many more. Sure it can be improved but compared to most of the watches. The chinese are doing a bloody good job

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