Huawei Watch 2 Sport Review in 2019! (4K)

Is the Huawei Watch 2 worth it?

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34 Replies to “Huawei Watch 2 Sport Review in 2019! (4K)”

  1. Andreas Kontaxis

    Hello and thanks for the review. Couple of questions: i) does it do sleep tracking (the website implies that it can do…but I know that is not native to wearOS), ii) can you pair it with external BT sensors (e.g. heart rate monitors?), especially when using the Huawei sport app? I'm asking because Huawei licences FirstBeat, but in order to be accurate with this, you need a good heart rate readings. Could you look at the Huawei sport app (on the watch) to see if it can connect with external BT sensors? Thanks

  2. Smuckaaa

    I own this watch and if you want to get rid of 90% of the lagginess, go into settings and turn off okay Google detection. It makes it so much faster, try it out.

  3. Graham King
  4. Hugo Rguez-Abella

    Bought hw2 4g/ LTEupdated with last version of wear os.
    I try to use it as a completely independent device , i have experienced the following issues :
    – wifi connection = unstable
    – apps:
    SPOTIFY: unable to connect
    GOOGLE MAPS: only shows position in the map , unable to navigate or enter any directions.
    And many other problems with different popular apps that just dont work when you try to use the watch as an independent ( 4g nanoSIM) wearable.
    Have you experienced the same problems?
    Thank you

  5. Miroslav Kocúr


    Bezel is ceramic, not plastic. Even the american Huawei web page had that info wrong. I have 4g/LTE and I use it instead of a mobile phone. NFC and Google pay works too.

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