Huawei Watch 2 Wear OS Smartwatch Review

In an attempt to find the best smartwatch that runs Wear OS I got my hands on a Huawei Watch 2 and spent some time with it. This is my review of the Huawei Watch 2 on Wear OS.

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9 Replies to “Huawei Watch 2 Wear OS Smartwatch Review”

  1. Mike Mena

    Question to anyone in the comment section about the Huawei Watch 2 sport is it going to get updated to 2.1 where OS anytime soon this watch was not on the list that's not on the list that's not going to be excluded from the update right now mine says where OS 1.6 it's supposed to be 2.1 for my understanding the update came out almost 2 weeks ago still waiting to get it any thoughts anyone

  2. Justin Gonzalez

    I'm curious about your opinions on the battery life of your PHONE once it's paired with the Huawei Watch 2.

    I actually purchased the Huawei Watch 2 from Amazon and had it paired with the Pixel 5" (2016). I did my research and had my Watch 2 set up so I maximized my battery life – and I was able to get about 2 days out of it. I loved it – with the exception that I needed Huawei Wear, Wear OS, Google Fit, and Huawei Health to get all the features working.

    However, my Pixel was a mess. I would commute to work only to find that I went from 100% to 80% in a span of an hour. By mid-day, I was at 30%. I found that my phone was running very hot at random times and also wouldn't go to sleep. I couldn't figure it out. So – I got frustrated and returned it after 30 days.

    As a comparison, I would normally get to work with about 95% after some normal browsing (news), emails, and Spotify. Mid-day I would be at around 70%. I would get home with about 40-50% depending on my usage. By the time I would go to bed I would be at around 15-20%. With the Watch, I had to charge at least 2 full cycles a day.

    Did you (or anyone here) have the same experience? And insight you can provide?

  3. David Wood

    I have heart rate monitoring working on my Huawei Watch 2 Sport LTE with the Google Fit app. I'm a little confused as to why this isn't working for you. I have totally disabled Huawei Health – maybe that is something to do with it.

  4. W.A.HOU.

    "Only two watches out of the box"… wrong, here it's the favorites watches, so u can switch from one to another favorites very quickly (useful when u have a classic watchface and want to quickly switch to a sport watchface when you do sport). Just tap on the " + " and you have all the others watchfaces preinstalled

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