Huawei Watch GT 2 Weeks Battery Life (Comparison to Ticwatch S2 /Pro & Samsung Galaxy Watch)

The Huawei Watch Gt is a smartwatch that promises a long battery life and a heavy focus on fitness tracking and simple notifications. If you are looking for great looking watch that will last you for a long time this will be a great match for you


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30 Replies to “Huawei Watch GT 2 Weeks Battery Life (Comparison to Ticwatch S2 /Pro & Samsung Galaxy Watch)”

  1. Faris Ammari

    Great video, the only I could find that does a comparison with other target brands (If you're looking for the Watch GT, you're definitely looking for a comparison with the TicWatch or the Samsung. Apple Watch customers are a different segment).
    Keep it up.

  2. More coffee

    I just cannot fathom that they didn't include ways to control music and at least have some standardised replies to messages. It is virtually useless as a smartwatch

  3. Ahsan Zia

    I got the watch Gt Active edition, a week earlier and it is still running on the same charge. Sits a bit larger on my wrist (since it is 46 mm and my wrists are small 🙂 ) . Great review.

  4. Waldherz FeuerClan

    I wish they would sell original wristband replacements. All I can find is one with a tip at the end and black metall parts. Which doesnt really match the silver one with the flat end thats on the classic version. And it will probably break one day

  5. Tarek Hijazi

    I got the Huawei watch GT but I am not able to connect it to Samsung Health application. Any help you can provide will be appreciated, thanks. My phone is Samsung Galaxy A7

  6. Michael Krogh

    Best gt Review ever ?? i've got mine 1.5 Mount now… I never use my Android watch anymore, and om not missing anything ? the battery time made a huge difference for me ? and the watch is sooo nice looking

  7. Luke

    Which has the best Gyroscope (I think?) for when I flick my wrist and want to look at the time? Typically most don't seem to do that very well and need to unfortunately use the always on display option – Thanks!

  8. Jonathan

    Hey TK Bay, thanks for the review! Really nice! I am planning to buy the Watch GT upgrading from Mi Band 3.. but the fact that there is only 16mb of ram makes me feel a bit uncomfortable… Tell me how does it work? Does the watch lag? Or any other issues like that?
    Thank you.

  9. Mannix C

    Finally, this is the EXACT watch I have been waiting for, SMART for Huawei to release such product. I several feveral watches that offer similar funcionality, couple of them are Garmins. Paid the same price, but they are not AMOLED, and they only last 10days. Just ordered one from AliExpress for $163. Samsung and Apple only last a day or two before it needs to go back to go back to it's cradle. I hate to bring (or forget) my watch charger going on a trip or vacations.

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