Huawei Watch GT Review – Really Want to Keep This for Myself!

As requested by you guys… we’re bringing you a full and detailed review of the Huawei Watch GT. It’s a beautiful smartwatch that comes with really everything you need in a sports smartwatch and a SUPER LONG battery life of up to 30 days! Watch through the video to find out more about it. And always stay for the end with a David review. But you guys already know that right?



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32 Replies to “Huawei Watch GT Review – Really Want to Keep This for Myself!”

  1. עופר הרשקוביץ

    Screen time is really short! Opened and closed. What don't you do something ?
    So many complain about it and you up there in the office have not you seen here?
    Other web sites?

    Changing screen time is something simple. Software. Update and that's it.
    I personally would giv the right to choose of time display
    . And if I'm already "chutzpah " then I'll ask for an option to choose font size in

    ? lol

  2. Michael chapman

    I believe that the two weeks of battery life is with the watch LCD screen in the off/raise to on state. Having worn the Huawei Smart watch for a couple of years and now going to the Amazfit Stratos I believe I prefer the transreflective screen instead. A little hard to see in low light but it has a raise to see backlight and a constant on screen that last up to five days.

  3. More coffee

    It's a shitty and laggy device, there isn't even a media player.. And because Huawei decided to use their own software, you can even download one. It's a joke of a smartwatch and shouldn't be considered much more than a fitness tracker

  4. Gerry Keefe

    Huawei is spy tech for the Chinese government. They want it to look as good as possible so you can be followed and hacked regularly. U.S. Government is suing them for a reason. Spyware, Ransonware, Malware all rolled into one.

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