Huawei Watch GT – Smartwatch REVIEW


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34 Replies to “Huawei Watch GT – Smartwatch REVIEW”

  1. Rafael Silva

    @JimsReviewRoom wich would be your choice for a good battery life, gps, heart rate, beautiful for all around use, waterproof(swimming), spotify smartwatch?

  2. jarretpaul

    Hey man, first time watcher and I subb'ed. Great review and highly professional editing. Had to check out this watch because for Bell Canada, if you pre-order a P30, you can get a GT for free!

  3. junglemage666

    I heard it takes roughly 2 hours to fully charge a smart watch… And they last around 2 days now. If the Huawei selling point is the battery life but cuts everything else down.. Bleh. The Samsung s3 frontier and classic are going for about 299 CAD now. FYI, I haven't owned any yet, actually just ordered an s2 classic on sale for 99 CAD just to try out having a smart watch.

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