Huawei Watch GT2 | 46mm Unboxing & Tour

Unboxing the Huawei Watch GT2 46mm, which was launched alongside the Mate 30 Series smartphones. Here I setup this all-new Huawei smartwatch and tour the UI, including the fitness tracking, OLED display, always-on screen and other new features.

In my hands-on review with the Watch GT2, I was impressed by the sleek design, bright and bold display and ease of use. This unboxing shows how simple the new 2019 wearable is to setup and use, with a slimmed-back interface similar to Android Wear.

Huawei’s watch boasts attractive design as well – this 46mm version isn’t as slender as the 42mm model but it’s reminiscent of the Fossil Gen 5, with slim bezels and a few-frills finish.

You get full fitness tracking features including water resistance, heart rate monitoring and auto tracking for a wide variety of activities. Just hook up the Huawei Watch GT2 to your Android phone or iPhone and you can see and control your activities from the handset.

Stay tuned for a full review!

45 Replies to “Huawei Watch GT2 | 46mm Unboxing & Tour”

  1. Yahuchanan L

    Can anyone please tell me how many gram is the whole box and the size (?mm X ?mm X ?mm). I refused today a shipment from China (COD) because the box feels so light and it was so small, smaller and lighter than the one from my wife (Amazfit GTR 42 mm). Outer carton incl. Huawei GT2 Box was 274 gram?

  2. MatsCloud_com

    Is there a way to use trainings (Running Plans) from Huawei Heatlh App on the watch? I've had the GT2 for 2 months and haven't been able to find how. It's a bit ridiculous, to follow my half marathon training plan I have to carry BOTH my phone and a watch, kinda makes you wonder what's the purpose of the watch if you have to carry the phone… I expected an actual integration between Huawei App and Huawei watch

  3. Codlot

    Awaiting the 14 days to be up after "upgrading" to the Huawei P40 Pro phone, so i can claim my free Huawei Watch GT 2 46mm

    2 days to go……………………………………………

  4. Iordanis Kimpritis

    What about the currentl situation between huawei and google. Is it easy enough to download the huawei app gallery in order to get the updated versions of the HMS and health apps?
    The watch itself seems pretty rad and way cheaper than the competition.

  5. Mo Gol

    I have had this watch for last two month. Best watch ever. Money well spent. Too bad Canadian government cause obstacles for Chinese electronics and cars to get into Canada.

  6. Fall Out Mark

    If you buy this watch or any Huawei or Xiaomi product (Chinese Communist Party) or Polar, Apple or Fitbit product (Made in China), you're cool with communism, terrorism, torture, genocide, illegal biological warfare, live organ harvesting and slavery Instead go for Suunto (Made in Finland), Garmin (Made in Taiwan) or Samsung (Made in Vietnam)

  7. Gus Ger

    I currently have an Amazfit Bip which I love but I'd like a bigger screen due to poor eyesight AND the big bugbear for me is the lack of multi-tasking. Often I use a countdown timer and as long as that is running I cannot move to another mode which is a major, major PITA. Also when running the timer it is very easy to accidentally activate the screen and pause the countdown.
    I'd love a watch with the GT2 screen size and quality but with multi-tasking. Why on earth has this not been implemented for this higher spec watch? Baffling???

  8. Mario M.

    watch gt2 is my favorite smartwatch. long battery life, water resistant, stylish and with tons of workout modes. definitely recommended!

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