Huawei's foldable Mate X event at MWC 2019 in 12 minutes

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38 Replies to “Huawei's foldable Mate X event at MWC 2019 in 12 minutes”

  1. Ashraful Islam Hadi

    How silly it could be, when people start
    trolling bout a guy's accent in English? xD
    they are sick and in need of treatment to be
    Didn't found anything wrong with his
    English though.

  2. Sergio Lopes

    Accent or not the guy is really passionate about his product and it's just not reading from a teleprompter. For those who complaint about his accent go learn a foreign language.

  3. Wayne H

    Very nice products, unfortunately butchered by a horrible presentation. Like we understand English isn't Richard Yu's first language but the white guy they picked has a thicker accent than him too. wtf.

  4. Le Chat

    Huawei has to invent the first market-ready AI-based interpreter in the future. So their CEO can speak Chinese comfortably at product presentations.

  5. Karen Smith

    For me this is the ultimate in phone porn ? The engineering, the research, the technology in these 1st Gen folding smartphones is nothing short of incredible. It's going to be a couple of years before the majority of people get their hands on these kind of phones – let the price fall, and let the companies refine these phones and wait to get the 2nd Gen onwards. This is proper innovation that we have been waiting for, probably the last 5 years to be honest! This is a proper game changer, and I've never felt such excitement for a phone since the release of the first iPhone way back in 2007. What a time to be alive 🙂

  6. Eddy Kardash

    I had Huawei before their phones work great, unfortunately their updates android versions are non existent. Sad their software updates are so slow is a very good product

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